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SCP-XXX when found

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXX is to be kept in a 5m x 5m room located at Site-█, the entrance of which is to be guarded by two (2) Level 3 security personnel. Access shall be granted for research, pending approval from Dr. ██████.

Addendum: Following Incident XXX-A, Level 3 security personnel are to be rotated in eight-hour shifts to prevent drowsiness and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-XXX was found in a Victorian-era house in rural ███████ █████, ██, USA, following an incident in which a young girl [DATA EXPUNGED] and was eventually remanded to a mental institute. Agents quickly ascertained the cause and secured the object.

In appearance, SCP-XXX looks like a normal Victorian-era bed complete with mattress, blankets, and pillows. Whenever a subject lies down on the bed, they instantly fall into a deep sleep. Within thirty seconds to one minute, subject starts to exhibit signs of extreme agitation. The subject remains in this state for varying lengths of time, eventually awakening violently, screaming.

In the post test interview, subjects state that they experienced a single life-like dream. The dreams differ, but always include the subjects seeing themselves as another person who dies, usually painfully, at the end of the dream. Investigation reveals that at the same time the subject experience these dreams, a person within a 100 km radius of SCP-XXX dies in the same manner seen in the subect's dreams.

No effect has been observed on animal subjects sleeping on SCP-XXX.

Additional Information
Tests conducted on SCP-XXX







Source: Appendix █, ███████, █████████ ██████

Mobile Task Force Omega 7 is a specialized unit that is responsible for assisting and monitoring SCP-076 (Able) on Foundation assigned missions, as well as carrying out specialized individual team missions as needed. General duties include securing possible SCPs and witnesses.

Due to MTF Ω-7's unique duties, and the skill of the personnel assigned to carry out those duties, it is organized to fully utilize the resources present, while maintaining the effectiveness of the countermeasures accompanying SCP-076.

MTF Ω-7 consists of four, five man assault teams, in addition to the MTF leader, SCP-076, and SCP-105.

Each assault team consists of one team leader, one Sniper and Reconnaissance(SAR) agent, one medically trained(MEDIC) agent, one Radiotelephone Operator(RTO), and one Man in Door(MID).

To complete all assigned tasks, every member in the MTF Ω-7 must do his job. Each member must accomplish his specific duties and responsibilities and be a part of the team.

a. Mobile Task Force Leader. He is responsible for all that the MTF does or fails to do. This includes the tactical employment, training, administration, personnel management, and logistics of the MTF. He must know his men and how to employ Foundation weapons. He must also keep aware of any Reality Altering /Memetic /Telepathic /Nuclear /Biological /Chemical threats associated with each mission. The mobile task force leader—

  1. Supervises the MTF in support of site and Foundation missions.
  2. Plans with the help of the SCP-076 and team leaders.
  3. Reports mission plan to O-5 personnel for approval prior to mission.
  4. Stays abreast of the situation and supervises the execution of the mission.
  5. During planning, receives on-hand status reports from the reconnaissance agents.
  6. Reviews MTF requirements based on the tactical plan.
  7. During execution, checks the work of the team leaders and team members.
  8. Keeps aware of MTF members' mental states, especially when dealing with SCPs that contain telepathic and memetic hazards.

b.Team Leader. The Team Leader is responsible for overseeing and directing team members in the preparation and execution of missions. He must also remain in contact with other Team Leaders, and ensure any SCP related hazards are handled properly and safely. On missions where the unit provides support and observation of SCP-076, each Team Leader is issued a remote kill switch linked to SCP-076's collar.

c. Medic. This member performs the vital role of providing immediate medical assistance to not only MTF members, but civilians and other foundation members as well. The medic may carry no more than five 1cc syringes of SCP-006 on any mission to be used in extreme emergencies only.

d. Sniper and Reconnaissance(SAR). During mission operations, it is the SAR's responsibility to provide intel to the TL and MID regarding any environmental, organic, or SCP related hazards. When requested by the MID, the SAR may provide long range fire support. The standard SAR weapon is the HK-016 Heavy Magnetic Rail Rifle, which can use variable calibers of ammunition and is equipped with a combination thermal/x-ray scope.

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