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SCP 1676

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Item #: SCP-1676

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1676 is to be kept in a 16 meter by 16-meter airtight room, with airlocks to allow feeding. Any damage to or hissing noises from the primary or auxiliary airlocks is to be reported immediately. Any personnel not used for feeding should wear a dry suit with an individual air supply. One D-class per specimen is to be introduced into the cell every month for feeding. If personnel are attacked by SCP-1676, or if SCP-1676 is thought to have breached containment, every non-expendable person in the area is to put on an external air supply and remain motionless.

Description: SCP-1676 is a carbon-based life form first encountered by Foundation personnel at ██████, England, after a mole in the Global Occult Coalition provided the Foundation with various data and files; the subject's original GOC classification was UTE 1506 Arduous. SCP-1676 organisms are made up primarily of carbon and carbon compounds, most of which are carbonic oxide gases. On average, they contain ██% Carbon Dioxide and ██% Carbon Monoxide, though the precise make-up depends on the amount of oxygen in the area surrounding it. Most specimens are able to create a "shell" of graphite or anthracite coal while feeding; certain larger specimens have been known to keep a husk intact while resting. Other than the shells, SCP-1676 specimens are either completely transparent or nearly transparent, and are fully amorphous in form due to their gaseous nature. To "feed", an instance of 1676 will, upon finding a victim, will shape itself into a [REDACTED] and creates a shell; forms of the [DATA EXPUNGED] tend to vary based on the prey. Upon creating the shell, the instance will rush forward at a high speed. This will cause the prey to attempt to flee in ██% of tests; the specimen does not cease pursuit until either respiration stops, and the process of fermentation begins in the prey, or the prey collapses or otherwise is incapacitated. At this point, the SCP breaks down its shell and envelops the victim, breaking bonds in the lactic acid built up in the prey's muscles for energy and mass. On ██ out of ███ occasions where the victim's arms are still intact, they will attempt to drag themselves away, which almost inevitably results in the excising of the ligaments and tendons, as well as [REDACTED]. In the small amount of cases where the prey does not try to flee, the SCP surrounds the prey for short periods, or, on at least one occasion, enters the prey's lungs to deprive them of oxygen. Victims are then left with their affected limb's tendons excised; if the victim is still alive, the SCP will continue to attempt to prevent respiration, causing a build up of lactic acid in the victim. If vital signs have not ceased, the instance will proceed to suffocate them.

Addendum: Due to a recent string of suicides in the area surrounding
 █████, most of which involved either deep lacerations to the wrists and ankles, or carbon monoxide poisoning, further investigation should be done into 1676's feeding habits and intelligence.

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