Swamp's SCP Box

SCP-XXX: Infectious Darkness

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
A Mobile Task force is to find and locate instances of SCP-XXX through indirect means and isolate them from human contact immediately. Procedure ███-██ is to be used to move instances to site ██, if location of instance does not show signs of remaining instances of SCP-XXX for 30 days human contact may be returned. Large instances of SCP-XXX are to be removed quickly, and no personnel are to see it beyond location purposes. An SCP-XXX larger than roughly █ meters across should not be viewed for extended periods of time, and an SCP-XXX of any size should not be touched without proper protection.

SCP-XXX is a "darkness" which cannot be seen via direct means. Indirect means such as video cameras, pictures, or reflected from a mirror allow vision of SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX is easily identified by a spot or area of darkness that appears suddenly when conditions allow it to be seen, and was discovered by chance on █/██/████ by Dr. ███████. Instances of SCP-XXX tend to "migrate" towards each other, combining into a single larger entity. For this purpose, they are not to be kept within ██ meters of each other. Movement of any SCP-XXX can be moved by hand, but should not be approached or touched without appropriate protection. Some larger instances of SCP-XXX, when viewed for more than one minute, have a slow effect on the viewer, as recorded in Incident Log XXX-1 below. This involves the removal of the victim's ability to taste, followed by the abilities to smell, see, hear, and finally makes the victim unresponsive to touch. Full authorization is granted to all personnel to terminate a proven victim of SCP-XXX. Autopsies of victims of SCP-XXX have shown the entire skull to contain a new SCP-XXX, which will need to be recovered and secured appropriately.

Incident Log XXX-1 [Audio Only]
[Shortly after first sighting and recovery of SCP-XXX, during examination]
Dr. ███████: █████, do see any differences between the video, picture, and reflection of the SCP?
Assistant █████: No, Doctor. Nothing extraneous. Photographs remain still, video shows slight movement which corresponds appropriately to the mirror image.
Dr. ███████: Good, good. remote application of various materials has not caused a reaction, so I think we may have a Safe on our hands. Still, testing must continue! Keep observation of the SCP.
Assistant █████: Yes sir!
[shortly afterward, food is brought into the room; Assistant █████ and Dr. ███████ begin to eat]
Assistant █████: Sir, this food doesn't have a taste.
Dr. ███████: Don't be stupid, boy. It isn't good, but it tastes okay once you get used to it.
Assistant █████: No, sir. I can't taste anything. It doesn't smell, either.
[Chair scraping on the floor of the observation room as Dr. ███████ gets up.]
Dr. ███████: excuse me for a moment, █████. I seem to have forgotten something.
[Dr. ███████ exits room, HazMat suited agents enter]
Agent ███: Don't move, kid. We're taking you under quarantine under suspicion of SCP interference.
Assistant █████: What? But I-
Agent ███: shutup, don't make eye contact, don't say anything, and don't try anything.

[Dr. ███████ and Assistant █████ are taken to separate quarantine chambers, audio log resumes after several minutes, in Assistant █████'s quarantine.]

Assistant █████: Sir, am I going to die?
Agent ███: Maybe. We'll see, kid. just don't try anything funny.
Assistant █████: No, no. I want to be able to co- Sir.
Agent ███: Eh?
Assistant █████: I can't see anything, anymore.
Agent ███: Shit… [pushes call button, speaks into microphone.]
Agent ███: I need a higher rank in here in quarantine 12-I, subject's condition is getting worse.
[several minutes later, Dr. ████ arrives.]
Dr. ████: Situation?
Agent ███: He's losing senses, by the make of it. Something to do with a new SCP that just came in. Says he's lost taste, touch, and smell.
Assistant █████: Yes, that's right. I think it may have stopped, though.
Dr. ████: I'll be the judge of that, Assistant… [paper shuffling] █████.
Assistant █████: I'm sorry, sir. I… I can't hear anything. I can't hear anything!
Dr. ████: Damn, how fast has he been losing senses? Has anybody else been exposed?
Agent ███: There was a Doc down with him looking at the thing, but he's been fine. Nobody else is showing any signs, but he's been losing them every few minutes.
Dr. ████: Then all we can do is wait.
[minutes pass, Assistant █████ remains silent, but is huddled in a corner and stares at Dr. ████ and Agent ███ through the window.]
[Assistant █████ suddenly stands up, falling over. Begins to pound on the floor with his fists, and begins to scream incoherently]
Agent ███: He's lost it.. Doc, permission to…?
Dr. ████:Yes. permission to terminate quarantine subject granted.
[Dr. ████ pushes call button, speaks into microphone]
Dr. ████:We're going to be needing an autopsy team in quarantine 12-I

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