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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X-1 requires no special containment outside of preventing unauthorized access. SCP-X-2s, if they are not terminated, require a room with basic amenities

Description: SCP-X-1 is a box containing twelve white pill bottles originally containing 150 60 mg. capsules. (One bottle has been used up for testing purposes.) The bottles are labeled "Dr. Green's All-Natural Weight Loss Supplement." The capsules themselves are transparent and filled with a brown powdery substance that when tested, was found to comprise of a variety of plant, animal, and mineral substances including [DATA EXPUNGED].

Test subjects administered with pills showed a marked decrease in appetite as well as rapid weight loss. The pills were also found to be addictive, and test subjects who no longer received pills after a period of testing showed withdrawal symptoms, with severity depending upon the length of testing. Test subjects who were not removed from experimentation expressed no desire to stop taking the pills even when their weight dropped dangerously low. Unless stopped from doing so, the subject will continue to take the pills until death occurs.

Approximately two hours after clinical death, the subject will reanimate in what would be termed an undead state. The subject (known as SCP-X-2) will be docile and capable of carrying out simple orders, but due to lack of muscle tissue has very little strength to speak of. X-2s usually remember their names and the location of their rooms, but very little else. X-2s "hold up" fairly well for about six months providing they are kept safe from most damage, but eventually their hair begins to fall out, their nails become brittle and crack, and their skin begins to dry out and peel.

Addendum: The bottles of SCP-X-1 and six SCP-X-2s were confiscated from a modeling company. The X-2s were in various states of decay, some with obvious attempts at reparation such as acrylic fingernails glued to their hands or prior injuries glued shut with silicone. X-2s that had begun to lose their hair had been given short haircuts and wigs.

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