SCP: "Gunner Crabs"

A young specimen of SCP-XXX. Note that the claws seem to glow for a short time after "firing."

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-XXX are contained in a room, 7m x 7m x 5m, with 20cm layered walls (5cm titanium, 5cm rubber, 5cm shredded fiberglass, and 5cm of titanium, to muffle sound).

There is a titanium blast door in one wall, leading to a 2m x 2m x 2m room, with an identical blast door in the opposite wall. Only one of the two doors can be opened at any time. The floor, ceiling and walls of this small room are lined with incendiary [DATA EXPUNGED].

Feeding is to take place twice daily, to consist of 20 kilograms of any organic material. The feed will be placed in the antechamber, at which point the outer door will be sealed and the inner door opened (sensitive personnel may put on protective earmuffs). Once the banging and clicking noises cease, the inner door will be sealed and the incendiaries fired.

In the event of a containment breach, all escaped XXX-1 are to be dispatched from a distance with high-powered rifles.

Description: SCP-XXX are a species of large arthropods. At birth, they are only two or three centimeters, but full-grown specimens are over a meter in length, and possess an abnormally hard exoskeleton. Their legs are coated with adhesive fibers, allowing them to cling to most surfaces.

The two front claws of SCP-XXX resemble the large claw of the Alpheidae (the snapping shrimp, or "pistol shrimp.") Each of these claws can snap shut at the rate of over 40 m/s, and are shaped in such a way as to emit a concentrated burst of air when the claw is snapped.

Due to the large size of SCP-XXX (and the fact that XXX have two claws of this type rather than just one, and usually fire both simultaneously), the resulting shock wave has a pressure exceeding [REDACTED], which can severely damage most building materials and create a noise loud enough to burst the eardrums of humans.

SCP-XXX have displayed very aggressive and territorial behavior, and will immediately fire upon any foreign object introduced to the containment area. They will also attack one another with very little provocation, and eat their own dead. During feeding times, it is not unusual for at least one XXX to be killed in the struggle for food. This has kept their numbers in check and slightly reduced the amount of food necessary.

SCP-XXX are born in batches of several hundred eggs. As soon as they are born, they begin breaking down and consuming any organic or semiorganic matter around them (including other SCP-XXX young), often reaching full size in less than five days. However, full-grown XXX-1 prey on their own young as well, and when a batch of new XXX is born, it is common for not even one specimen to survive to adulthood.

The small size of XXX eggs and young is the primary concern for containment. They have displayed remarkable cunning, and have been known to conceal themselves as dust or debris in an attempt to smuggle themselves out.

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