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SCP-646, dubbed 'Happy Hour'

Item #: SCP-646

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-646 poses no immediate risk in any direct sense. Even so, it is to be locked in a storage room under CCTV surveillance. Approval of at least two (2) Level 3 personnel is required for use of the item, due to the nature of the item.

Note: The item isn't for parties! Those using SCP-646 for their own little happy hour, especially while on active duty, will be demoted to class D and given Keter duty!

SCP-646, known to the research staff as 'Happy Hour', is an old grandfather clock which was recovered in the town of █████████, Florida. It was brought to our attention by an agent who was visiting next-of-kin while on annual leave (See Appendix A). SCP-646 works in a way still unknown to our researchers. At exactly 6:05 every Friday night, if there are two or more living humans in it's presence, a ghostly figure of a middle aged, balding male in a pair of black dress pants, a white longsleve dress shirt, and a V-neck pinstriped tweed vest(SCP-646-1) will appear carrying a tray of full beer mugs(SCP-646-2). Unlike 646-1 who can not be interacted with (See Appendix B), the beer he carries is corporeal and may be consumed. Those imbibing 646-2 instantly become intoxicated with signs of impairment equivalent to a .13 Blood Alcohol Content rating. 646-1 never runs out of mugs no matter how much is drank, and will stay in the vicinity of SCP-646, until exactly an hour has passed. At 7:05 PM, 646-1 and all instances of 646-2 will vanish, along with any signs of intoxication in the individuals imbibing it.

Testing done has shown that 646-2 is pure water with no additives, no alcohol and no hallucinogens. It is unknown why it causes the intoxication it does. Testing done on Class D personnel has shown that 646-2 only exhibits it's effects with in thirty (30) meters of SCP-646. Exiting that range, the brew becomes water, and will still disappear at 7:05 PM. All test subjects have reported hangovers the next morning, consistent with what one would expect of a full night drinking.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]
Appendix A:
Agent █████ was tipped off to the strange nature of SCP-646 when his brother, [INFORMATION EXPUNGED], offered to buy him a drink on his last night visiting. Upon entering the bar, Agent █████ and his brother took seats at the bar, facing the artifact. When Agent █████ attempted to catch the attention of the barkeep, his brother stopped him, and is reported to have told him "Give it five (5) minutes." At exactly 6:05 PM, a ghostly image of a bartender exited from the clock's front, carrying a tray of beer mugs, placing one in front of everyone at the bar, then working it's way to all the tables. Everyone drinking even a sip of the beer was instantly put in a state of drunkenness, as if they had been drinking all night. Agent █████ reports that at exactly 7:05, the ghostly bartender vanished from existence and everyone who had previously become 'drunk' from his brew instantly became completely sober.

Appendix B:
While SCP-646 and 646-2 may be touched (and consumed in the case of the latter), SCP-646-1 can not be interacted with in any way. Attempting to place your hand on 'him' results in passing through him. Subjects report no feeling or change, as if they had only waved their arm through open air. 646-1 has not been known to talk, flirt, or interact in any way with the exception of presenting a mug to the subject.

Author notes :

Expand upon history. Potential ideas include being part of a prohibition era bar using it to stay afloat; the owner dying but returning to serve to his top clients; potential alternate reality connection(?)

Edit Class-D involvement.

Edit out SCP number. 646 was taken earlier during the week!

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