The Time Flashlight

Item #: SCP-517

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently being held in the office of Dr. Varrin until told otherwise by Site Command or 05 personal.

Description: SCP-XXX is a flashlight dating back to the World War I era (1914 - 1918). While inert, SCPXXX shows no anomalies. Upon being turned on, however, it exhibits its unusual properties. Upon being turned on, the range where light would normally shine out of the bulb instead shows a different timeframe, either past or future.

The item was discovered in 19██ in a pawn shop located in ███████ Canada , after there were reports of screams coming from inside, stating “His entire body was ██████████”. An undercover agent was sent to investigate, where he found its abilities and brought the item in.

Addendum 119-1: Due to recent tests on the device, it has been shown that SCP-XXX does not actually affect objects exposed to its light. Chemical and biological testing has revealed that only a viewer's perception of the object is changed.

Addendum 119-2: Current hypothesis is that this cone of "displaced time", for lack of a better term, explains certain phenomena noted in file ████████

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