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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained in a commercial rabbit hutch of 1m x 1m x .5m. While it is advised that this hutch be kept in a closed room for the subject's safety, all doors of the hutch itself are to remain open. Nutritional, bedding, and chewing needs conform to those of a standard pet rabbit; additional treats and toys may be provided at Dr. ██████'s discretion. Daily exercise time is allowed under supervision and in approved areas. As SCP-XXX appears to enjoy human company, staff are permitted to interact with it during breaks and down time.

Description: SCP-XXX is a female domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) with no physical anomalies. Intelligence and temperament are consistent with normal rabbits, and SCP-XXX displays no unusual traits unless presented with a door or gateway.

SCP-XXX is incapable of passing through an open doorway without human assistance. If carried, pulled, or pushed by a human it passes through normally, but when moving under its own power it reacts to any opened door or gate as if it were a physical barrier. The "threshold" must include a door that can be opened and closed; a passage that is permanently open will produce no anomalous effects. Testing suggests that SCP-XXX must be in contact with a human in order to traverse a threshold; tossing it or dropping it has no effect on the barrier. Gravity also appears to have no effect (see test log).

However, SCP-XXX is capable of walking through any closed door as if unobstructed. This ability to pass through solid matter appears to apply only to doors; solid walls will obstruct the subject's passage. The thickness or material of the door is inconsequential.


TEST: Three-sided chicken wire fence, .25m high
RESULT: SCP-XXX exited through the open side without difficulty.

TEST: Four-sided chicken wire fence with closed gate, .25m high
RESULT: SCP-XXX exited through closed gate.

TEST: Four-sided chicken wire fence with open gate, .25m high
RESULT: SCP-XXX jumped over the side of the fence.

TEST: Four-sided chicken wire fence with open gate, 1m high
RESULT: SCP-XXX was unable to exit fenced area.

TEST: Cardboard box
RESULT: Box was lowered over SCP-XXX with the open side down. SCP-XXX was able to move the box by pushing at it from the inside and eventually overturned it, but could not exit through the box itself.

TEST: Cardboard box, with flap
RESULT: A flap was cut in the box and bent so it could open freely, then taped shut. Box was lowered over SCP-XXX as in the previous test. SCP-XXX exited through the flap.

TEST: Pet carrier with open door
RESULT: Carrier with SCP-XXX inside was gradually tilted forward until the door end was facing downward. From below, SCP-XXX could be observed standing on the invisible threshold of the carrier, "like it was on a glass table top." Dr. ██████ was able to reach into the carrier and touch SCP-XXX, causing it to fall to the floor as soon as contact was made. SCP-XXX was startled but unhurt by the fall.

TEST: Open door, mechanical assistance
RESULT: SCP-XXX was placed on a flatbed cart that was then pulled through an open door. SCP-XXX encountered an invisible barrier at the threshold and was forced towards the back of the cart, eventually falling off the back. SCP-XXX was startled but unhurt by the fall.

TEST: Open door, no physical contact
RESULT: Researcher ███████ sat close to open door and gently "tossed" SCP-XXX towards it, breaking physical contact before SCP-XXX reached the threshold. SCP-XXX encountered the threshold while airborne and rebounded from it, landing on the floor. SCP-XXX was startled but unhurt by the fall.

TEST: Open door, partial passage
RESULT: Dr. ██████ held SCP-XXX approximately 1m off the floor while standing in a doorway, then let go. SCP-XXX was suspended in midair and struggled while exhibiting signs of distress. Its movements appeared to indicate that it was being held by a band around its midsection that was consistent with the width and position of the doorframe. Researcher ███████ was able to pick SCP-XXX up and remove it from the doorway without difficulty. Afterwards, SCP-XXX exhibited minor bruising on its stomach where it intersected the threshold. Injuries healed normally.

TEST: Closed door, camera flash
RESULT: After observation was made that SCP-XXX was startled by camera flashes, it was enticed via food to look towards a closed door while Dr. ██████ photographed it from the other side. SCP-XXX reacted to the flash as it had when the camera was in the same room, suggesting that it was able to see through the door. The photographs of the door contained no anomalies.

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