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Specimens of SCP-XXXX during its mid life stage.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be held in a terrarium 3 by 4 meters and placed in a containment room specified for biological threats. Becuase instances of SCP-XXXX are capable of sustaining a dormant state, they are not to be fed expect in expirments. If an SCP-XXXX outbreak is discovered, all instances of wild instances of SCP-XXXX are to be incinerated and any subject that has been infected is to be sent to Medical Site M-3 and purged of SCP-XXXX immediatly. If the subject is discovered to be in the late infection stage, they are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species that exoskeleton appears similar in shape and size to the Zea mays everta species of maize. Study of the anatomy of the specimen has uncovered that the specimen's shell is segmented and has an average of 300 legs, along with a mouth, and rectum. It is to be noted though that the size of these exterior organs are so minuscule that they are invisible to the average human eye. A life span of a specimen of SCP-XXXX starts when its egg is fertilized by the parent specimen; At this point the specimen is at a microscopic level and over the course of 2-3 days will grow to its mature size of 1-8 milimeters in radius. Once the specimen reaches its mature age large sacs placed under the segments will inflate typically twice the size of the original body. While the sacs inflate, many parts of the exoskeleton break off leaving only the inner white skin of the creature, from which the sacs are comprised of. After all the sacs inflate, the walls of the sacs will solidify. Once all the sacs' walls have solidify, hormonal cells on white skin will start to secrete a fluid that has similiar properties to margine.

If an instance of SCP-XXXX is consumed during it's mature stage, it will travel to the stomach. Here the walls of the white skin will start to dissolve, releasing dozens of eggs. Being capable of surviving the stomach acids the eggs will hatch and the infant specimen will then move to the walls of the stomach and attach themselves.. They will start to feed on the stomach's walls till they have reach maturity. Once the mature stage has been achieved the instances of SCP-XXXX will commit Autothysis, spreading eggs as far as 6 cm. The eggs will repeat the cycle. Depending on the size of the stomach, and the number of SCP-XXXX ingested initially the the average window of time for these creatures to fill the organ is 3 to 20 days. The ever growing populous of SCP-XXXX in a stomach will cause it to rupture. The subject would then die due to loss of blood. After the stomach has been completely ingested by the creatures, they will commit Autothysis once more and the offspring

Specimens of SCP-XXXX retrieved from stomach of D-3459


Item #: SCP-995

Photograph taken at site of original colonization of SCP-995-B

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-995 is to be secured in a two (2) by three (3) meter terrarium placed in a four (4) x four (4) containment room. The terrarium is to be cleaned twice a week and during cleaning SCP-995 should be placed in a substitute terrarium fit for its size. All personnel should be sterilized before, and after coming into the containment cell. SCP-995 is to be contained in multiple terrariums with each colony separated. Currently there are 4 colonies ; each terrarium is to be made to fit the number and size of SCP-995 in the colony. SCP-995 has been moved to a larger containment room which is 20 x 20 meters. Each terrarium is to be cleaned weekly. If any colony is to reach the population limit randomly select SCP-996s are to be destroyed. Only Level 2 personnel or higher are granted access to SCP-995 with approval from any Level 3 researcher that has been assigned SCP-995. Feeding of the specimens is to be done twice a week at appropriate hours. During any containment breach the room is to be sterilized by incineration.

Description: SCP-995 is an organism which traits vary between fungi and animal. SCP-995's life cycle starts with it being a spore. The spore stays dormant till it finds an area that has low light and is moist. However a SCP-995 spore has more probability of activating under artificial structures such as household furniture ; leather, vinyl ,and polyester seem to be favored. There the spore will grow into a soft organic mass which feeds off microorganisms in the air. It will continue to grow, sprouting appendages enabling it to move. A mouth will soon form along with teeth and a simple digestive track. Now SCP-995 is in its mature stage feeding on larger organisms such as insects and rodents. The specimen will start Generating more instances of SCP-995. SCP-995 has been known to reach the size of [DATA REDACTED] in diameter. Infants have also become prey along with household pets. If a large population of SCP-995 have spawned in a small area SCP-995 will start to migrate having the capabilities of infesting an average house by the hundreds in a few days.

The first incident of SCP-995 was discovered in ████████'s Furniture Shop in ███,GA which closed down the previous month due to financial issues; when a group of adolescents trespassed in the closed shop and discovered the partially consumed body of a homeless man who seemed to have taken shelter in the store. Police were called in and discovered a large colony of SCP-995 in the store and a foundation team was sent to investigate. The team administered Class-A amnesics to the Police officers involved and shipped the colony of SCP-995 to Site-██.

Addendum: SCP-995 is now to be located to a larger containment room since the location of 3 new colonies have been discovered and contained. A list has been configured to catalog the current colonies and their diverse characteristics.

List of Colonies of SCP-995

Colony: SCP-995-A
Discovered: 3/3/██
Number of specimen: 349
Description: SCP-995-A is the original colony of SCP-995.
SCP-995-A are greyish blue in color and ranging from 8 centimeters to 40 centimeters in diameter during Mature age.
Special Characteristics: SCP-995-A move on 4 appendages with clawed feet and are currently hold the fastest reproductive rate.

Colony: SCP-995-B
Discovered: 6/██/██
Number of specimen: 10
Description: SCP-995-B are dark green and range from 30 centimeters to ██ centimeters in diameter during mature age.
Special Characteristics: SCP-995-B are the most aggressive of the species and have an elongated snout with extremely sharp needle like teeth which are coated in an unknown paralyzing agent.

Colony: SCP-995-C
Discovered: 1/02/08
Number of Specimen: 264
Description: SCP-995-C are black in color and range from 5 centimeters to 20 centimeters in diameter during mature age.
Special Characteristics: SCP-995-C are the smallest in size and are able to expel a highly acidic chemical from their 4 eyes.

Colony: SCP-995-D
Discovered: 5/30/11
Number of Specimen: 23
Description: SCP-995-D are dark red in color and range from 10 centimeters to ██ centimeters in diameter during mature age.
Special Characteristics: SCP-995-D are able to emit a variety of noises which vary from ringtones to a human infant cry. It is presumed that these sounds are made to lure prey in SCP-995-D's area where a group of them would attack. SCP-995-D seems to be the most advance in behavior and intelligence.

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Item #: SCP-490

Object Class: Safe

SCP-490 parked at a gas station during transport to Site- ██

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-490 is to be maintained in Storage Garage 17-Golf. Garage 17-Golf has been heavily soundproofed, its door replaced with a soundproofed door with an interior code-lock. SCP-490 is to have all four wheels disabled through standard parking boots, and is to be kept chained at all times to four molybdenum eyebolts, sunk a minimum of three (3) meters into a solid concrete floor.

Description: SCP-490 is a ice cream truck dating to the 1960s constructed by ████. It seems to be mechanically standard except the audio system doesn't respond to operators, through appears in working order. The key to the vehicle is fastened in the ignition and cannot be extracted by any means. SCP-490 can be driven (fueled by a diesel engine originally made for the truck) and functions properly in all ways to other vehicles of the same model.

Between 2 to 5 am local time SCP-490 will operate itself, and drive at a low speed in a random circuit through the local roadways. At this time, it will function as if in peak condition, while playing a tune from its speakers. The tune has not been identified, but resembles music played on non-anomalous trucks of the same make. However, the tune never loops, and no portions can be identified as of yet. Recorded portions do not carry the anomalous effect.

A Popsicle composed out of basic sugars and human blood. A product of SCP-490.

Any individual who hears the music will start advancing towards the vehicle, ignoring any instructions to stop. Upon reaching the vehicle, the back doors to the truck will open and the person will step inside with the doors closing behind him/her. The doors become sealed, impossible to open by regular means and if tampered with [DATA EXPUNGED].

If there are multiple subjects affected then each will line up and wait for the doors to open again or until the 3 hour window has elapsed. Subjects outside the vehicle when time elapses will wander away in apparent confusion; when interviewed, they appear to have no memory of the event. After 5 am the SCP will lose its Abnormal ability and the back doors can be opened. Any person(s) that entered into the truck during the time that the music was playing will vanish.

The freezers will have been stocked with frozen treats. Through the treat will contain average flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla) and the wrapper advertises a surprise flavor. The "Super Surprise Flavor!" stated is human flesh incorporated into the product, which DNA testing has proven to be that of the subject(s) that entered the vehicle and subsequently vanished.

Discovered in ██████,Massachusetts the SCP was located in the parking lot of a bank which then it was towed to a impound yard. The SCP had a parking boot attached to it and therefore could not escape. Shortly after the disappearances of several residents of the nearby trailer park ,a team of foundation agents were sent in to investigate. Discovering the truck and its contents the team paid the fine for it and drove it to Site-17 where during the trip it activated causing the death of all the team except for Agent ██████ who was driving the team's vehicle and realized what was causing his teammates to be come entranced. Protocol A-████ was initiated and several more agents all with ear protection arrived. SCP-490 showed aggression and when blocked by several foundation vehicles started ramming into them and the Agents trying to capture it. After one (1) hour and forty three (43) minutes of chasing SCP-490 through back roads it deactivated and was moved to Site-██ on a flatbed truck.

Addendum: SCP-490 has now been raised as a "self aware" object and any personnel that comes into contact with SCP-490 should be more cautious of it's newly discovered intelligence.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Both sites for SCP-XXXX are to be secured year round. Since both are located far from settlements, any civilians that discover either site are to be told that they are research labs for weather and the environment. When SCP-XXXX-1 emerges from the area around Site-XXXXA it is to be accompanied by Mobile Taskforce Delta-2 (aka The Escorts) to secure no other humans interfere with SCP-XXXX-1's chosen route to Site-XXXXB. Because of the importance for SCP-XXXX-1 to reach her destination and be meet with SCP-XXXX-2 ,her journey is not to be interfered due to the possibilities of a CK scenario.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous event that happens twice a year. Between the dates of September █-██ an entity in the form of a young women between the age of 16-20 will appear in one of several wheat fields in the region of Boeotia. She will than proceed to travel in a random route to a cave system located near the town of ████████ . Because SCP-XXXX-1 is moving at the average speed of a normal human on foot , The length of the movement is usually 1-3 days. Though her trip SCP-XXXX-1 will act lackadaisical and will seem to waste as much time as possible before she has to continue to her destination. It has been observed that SCP-XXXX-1 will start to neglect her route and take more time resting. She has been documented to sleep longer, rest longer, and do pointless tasks like feed birds, or spreads seeds from fruits she has consumed.
SCP-XXXX-1 shows no abnormal properties other than no signs of aging, and her ability to manifest in the wheat fields near Site-XXXXA. She was easily contained and transported to the closet foundation outpost and interviewed. SCP-XXXX-1 only seems to be able to speak Mycenaean Greek ,though she seemed to understand Researcher ███████ during the interview. Only after the interview, in which at the time SCP-XXXX-1 was relocated to a cell the research team was able to fully translate the conversation ,discovering that if SCP-XXXX-1 does not reach the destination in a certain time, a possible CK scenario may happen. After approval from O5-3 the foundation personnel who intercepted SCP-XXXX-1 were able to transport SCP-XXXX-1 to her final destination. After she was dropped off at the front of the cavesystem she proceeded to remain outside the mouth of the cavesystem for 2 days before entering. When SCP-XXXX-1 enters the cave system a large man will appear from the inners of the cavesystem, along with a two Black Horses of unknown breed hooked to a decorative chariot. Than the man now specified as SCP-XXXX-2 will show delight and enjoyment upon seeing SCP-XXXX-2, the latter will however will show depression and slowly embark upon the chariot making little eye contact with SCP-XXXX-2. SCP-XXXX-2 will than take the reigns of the chariot and drive off with SCP-XXXX-2 into the cave system. All attempts to track both SCP-XXXX-2 and SCP-XXXX-1 after they have embarked have failed as the chariot descends into the cave which appears to lead into a labyrinth of tunnels that are estimated to span for miles. Exploration has also proven troublesome for it has been observed that the temperature of the system drops alarmingly the further in. The furthest attempt was made by a probe in which it moved 4,326 meters before it shut down at -203. degrees Celsius.
During the dates of March 1-24 SCP-XXXX-1 will appear from the cavesystem and proceed to walk back to the wheat field she originally manifested in and vanishes as she lays down in the field. It is to be noted that SCP-XXXX-1 does not exhibits the same characteristics as she had previous to entering the cave and ignores all attempts of communication with her.
If any individual attempts to subdue SCP-XXXX-1 or simply assault her on the journey back that person will start to show immediate signs of famine and malnutrition, dieing minutes later. Autopsies have shown that certain minerals, vitamins, and proteins in the bodies have transformed into ash. When she remanifests in the fields she will act like the time before and proceed to the cave.
Notes: This still needs lots of editing and well…probably will never happen. It may be to hard to finish.

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