Object class: Euclid

Security clearance: 3

Special Containment Procedures:
Taint is to be kept in glass containers, as glass is the only material that can contain it.
If any taint is to be released, it will fall upwards, or towards the ceiling.

All personnel are to wear gas masks at all times.

A chemical shower, eye wash, and oxygen mask must always be available within the testing chamber.

If anything unusual is to be observed in the taint, then immediately contact Dr.███████████

Taint is a purple liquid that falls upwards, making collection easy as the surface scientists stand upon doesn't have to be created of glass See Event A-A, but the ceiling must be created of glass with an indent to collect the liquid.

After event A-A, the liquid must be kept in a 3-meter thick reinforced from the outside with an steel casing only to be opened in testing.

Taint is theorized, by Dr.███████████, to be impurities in and fractures in metal*

The room the taint is stored in is a 2-meter thick glass room with multiple metal shelves containing any collected taint with a indented glass ceiling.

Addendum 1
An electric charge was run through taint, the taint started bubbling and producing purple smoke, due to the design of the room no evacuation was needed, the taint collected in the funnel and was retrieved with a glass tube system.

The electricity did not loop, the taint collected it.
The amount of collected taint was more than the amount there was originally, making taint less scarce.

Addendum 2
Dr.███████ requested they expose taint to living organisms.
Request accepted.

1. Lab mouse

Taint was placed in a glass water dish left with a mouse in a cage. After consumption of the taint it became limp. Over the time of 24 hours the mouses hair started to fall out, its skin became a light purple with spots of regular color, and its eyes turned cloudy.
The mouse was became violent and fast, biting Dr.███████ before being terminated.

Shortly after termination, the mouses skin color returned to regular and the consumed taint leaked out of its mouth.

Dr.███████ theorized taint is not just metal impurity, that it is a chemical with properties of causing blind bloodlust in animals whom consume or are exposed the liquid.

Taint was created by the Infernal furnace by smelting a large amount of ore, creating taint.

Event A-A

Personnel in chamber at time of event: 8

Testing the conductivity of taint, a low electrical charge was ran through water, as water floats atop the taint. After electricity was ran through, the amount of taint in the tube increased. Shortly afterwards, a large amount of electricity was ran through, almost instantly bursting the tube spreading gas everywhere. A full quarantine of the area was required and all electricity to the chamber was cut forcibly from inside.

Shortly afterwards, the personnel inside the chamber came out, with almost completly scalded purple skin, running towards the first security personnel at high speeds and beginning to cut them, causing transferal of the taint within 4 hours.

Lockdown was initiated in the

Quarantined personnel: 7
Casualties: 21

Dr.██████████ Demanded full shutdown of electrical testing with taint.

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