Possibly Useful Magazine

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept locked in a Class-2 storage bin in the materiel room adjacent to firing range 4 at Site-██. Materiel room is to be staffed by at least two (2) Level 3 security personnel at all times with a constant hot line to Site-██ main security station.

Access to the object is for testing purposes only, and must be directly overseen by at least one (1) Level 4 security personnel and according to Hazardous Ordinance Activation Elnos-3 parameters. Firing range 4 is to be used only for testing SCP-XXXX. Testing of object with any personnel other than D-class requires approval from at least one (1) O5.

To prevent accidental discharge of SCP-XXXX, all security personnel at Site- ██ are to utilize sidearms chambered exclusively for the 9mm Parabellum round.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a magazine for a Glock 23 pistol, .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, 13 round capacity. Object is constructed of what appears to be conventional polymer with steel insert, and displays superficial wear and tear that does not seem to impair functionality. The base of the object is stamped with a heavily worn logo and the words “WonderArms Inc.”

When empty, or only partially loaded, and inserted into a compatible firearm, SCP-XXXX produces no effect.

When fully loaded and inserted into a compatible firearm, SCP-XXXX displays no initial anomalous activity. Anomalous behavior manifests only after the 13th round has been exhausted; at this point, pulling the trigger will continue to fire rounds, though will not expel any cases as per conventional ammunition. The origin of these rounds and the mechanism by which they are placed into the firearm are unknown. Any attempt to observe the inner workings of the firearm during testing of anomalous behavior has resulted in a malfunction of the firearm. Removing the magazine after the 13th round has been spent will reveal only an empty magazine and chamber.

Anomalous rounds fired in this manner will generally act in the manner of a conventional .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, with bullet velocities of ~350m/s and expected impact energies consistent with a 10 gram bullet. However, the anomalous rounds will often manifest additional effects of an aggressive nature. These additional effects usually only manifest after many anomalous rounds have been fired, primarily between 600 and 1000 but observed with as little as 19 and as many as 2566 iterations. The severity of the observed additional effects has seemed to increase with some relationship to the number of anomalous firings from the object.

Vices or rests will not activate effect unless also being directly handled and operated by a living human being; automated firing systems produce no result.

As per the results documented in Testing Log XXXX ██/██/████, any testing of the object beyond 1200 rounds requires approval from at least two (2) O5 personnel.

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