Tales of Mr. Collector

Standards so far:

  • Each story is of a Little Mister traveling to an undefined location (most likely a Site)
  • Each one hopes Mr. Redd will not be at said location (or has some feeling about Mr. Redd, typically negative, especially fear)
  • These do not have to be completely coherent with one another, as canon will most likely be made as each story is written. There is no set canon yet.

Stories pending:

  • Mr. Thin from Anaxagoras
  • Mr. Hot from Deadly Moose
  • Mr. ████████ from █████████
  • Mr. Teeth? from Light

Order: ((Just stick mine in anywhere it'll fit - Dexa))

  1. Mr. Headless from Anaxagoras DONE
  2. Mr. Clank from Dr. Gears DONE
  3. Mr. Money from Tanhony DONE
  4. Mr. Lie from Sal DONE
  5. Mr. Mad from Deadly Moose DONE
  6. Interval 1 from Sal DONE
  7. Mr. Stripes from TroyL DONE
  8. Mr. ███████████ from Dr. Mann DONE
  9. Mr. Moon from Anaxagoras DONE
  10. Mr. Clumsy from Tanhony DONE
  11. Mr. Mission from Gerald DONE
  12. Interval 2 from Sal DONE
  13. Mr. Feather from Light DONE
  14. Mr. Laugh from Alias DONE
  15. Mr. Purple from Copernicus DONE
  16. Mr. Brass from GrandEnder DONE
  17. Ms. Sweetie from Deadly Moose DONE (idea credit: TroyL)
  18. Mr. Fish by Dexanote DONE
  19. End from Sal DONE
  20. Epilogue from Anaxagoras DONE
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