Stuff I'm Working On

- Ball-jointed dolls are creepy
- Warning: very incomplete rough draft. The ending is there, but not much of the rest of it. Seriously. Maybe half the story is here.

Otherwise Done for Now

- Changed containment slightly, added an incident report.

Things Dealing With the River of Orchids

A place I'm working on that will be added to as I see fit.

- Birds with an interesting defense mechanism.

Things I know for certain about the "River of Orchids" world:
1) Regardless of what it gets tied to, it is primarily hallucinatory. Those affected only see it all around them. Nobody gets transported.
2) The hallucination prevents the affected from seeing anything but the RoO world while it is in effect. This increases the chances of anyone affected of getting into some sort of accident.
3) The time spent seeing the River of Orchids is directly proportional to the time spent exposed to the anchor.
4) The world is an exact replica of all stationary inorganic objects at the time of being affected, only everything is in ruins and overgrown with flora that is slightly off in terms of color or flowers. No truly recognizable plants exist there.
5) Due to it being a hallucination, River of Orchids can't be truly interacted with. Eg: If an affected individual tries to pick a flower while seeing the River of Orchids, there will be no flower in hand when the effect wears off.
6) River of Orchids is just what I'm calling it while I work it out.

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