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Item #: SCP-1447

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Storage should consist of a modified incubation chamber kept at a consistent 305.37 Kelvin. SCP-1447 should not be handled without the authorization of personnel of Level 3 or higher, and only by personnel who have undergone proper sterilizing and decontamination. 2ml of agarose gel injected with lysogeny broth is to be introduced to each test tube, twice per day unless live testing is to take place.

Description: SCP-1447 consists of eighteen (18) uniform test tubes labeled as ‘Species-W’. Each tube contains an average of 50 milliliters of a translucent blue fluid designated SCP-1447-2. The fluid is pH neutral and has a viscosity of .072 Poiseuille Units, and is a liquid derivative of tricalcium phosphate {Ca3(PO4)2}, but the complete composition has yet to be deciphered. These properties alone are not what make 1447 of note, however.


Under the lense of a microscope, the bacterium (collectively referred to as SCP-1447-1) suspended within SCP-1447-2 can be observed performing complex group maneuvers, including [REDACTED] and using their combined propulsion to ‘steer’ food particles toward larger groups. The microorganisms seem to have a designated ‘breeding ground’, observable when a large portion of the population travels to the absolute bottom of the tube to undergo binary diffusion. This migration is observable twice per year, the average life span of an individual unit being about 6 months.
SCP-1447-1 is docile towards all life with the exception of other microorganisms, toward which they exhibit calculated, even military hostility. Examples include:

  1. 1.Case #012.3: Introduction of a strain of Thiomargarita namibiensis modified with plant DNA. Despite its tough cell wall and greater size, the larger bacterium were quickly overtaken and consumed.
  2. 2.Case #056.1: Introduction of a weaponized strain of [DATA EXPUNGED], which at first appeared to repulse SCP-1447-1 until the bacterium somehow initiated a reaction with 1447-2 that raised the temperature to 383.15 Kelvin. The weaponized bacteria were destroyed by the heat, while 1447-1 remained stable and unharmed.
  3. 3.Case #103.0: Introduction of the Marburg Virus. SCP-1447-1 reacted by pushing the virus towards the top of the air pocket at the top of the test tube, coagulating and killing the Marburg virions.

Acquisition: SCP-1447 was discovered in an unventilated storage locker at the University of ████████, in a condemned building that formerly housed the science department. An investigation into the origins of 1447 is ongoing.

Addendum 1447-A: After extensive debate, Dr. ██████ and Dr. █████ have come to the conclusion that SCP-1447 is potential semisentient. Further research will be conducted.

Addendum 1447-B: By way of fluid displacement, it has been determined that SCP-1447-2 is actually produced by SCP-1447-1 as a protective barrier. The chemical reaction used by 1447-1 to raise the temperature of 1447-2 is currently believed to be hormonal.

Addendum 1447-C: Dr. ██████ has requested to test the effects of SCP-1447 on SCP-008. {REQUEST DENIED}

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Item #: SCP-1447

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: storage should consist of a modified incubation chamber kept at a consistent 305.37 Kelvin. SCP-1447 should not be handled without the authorization of Dr. Jordan Beck and/or Dr. Chris Wheaton, and only by personnel who have undergone proper sterilizing and decontamination.

Description: SCP-1447 consists of eighteen (18) uniform, glass test tubes labeled with masking tape bearing the words ‘Specs-14’ in black marker, individually designated as SCP-1447-1 through 18. Each test tube contains an average an average of 50 milliliters of a transluscent blue fluid. The fluid is pH neutral and has a viscosity of .072 Poiseuille Units. These properties are not what make 1447 of note, however.
What is truly interesting about the unidentified substance is its ability to take a subject’s physical or mental flaws and reverse them, effectively turning a perceived weakness into an actual strength.
Three previous cases of exposure have been recorded (see Acquisition, 1447-Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), with the Foundation having produced three more successful test subjects designated 1447-Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. The subjects in question were supervised by Dr. Jordan Beck, who also initiated testing. The test subjects were specifically chosen out of a population of several hundred Class-D personnel in order to gather new data to compare to the three existing cases.

1447-Delta is an overweight, uncoordinated Caucasian male in his mid-twenties. He was chosen for his inability to move quickly and his difficulty controlling his movements.
1447-Epsilon is a middle-aged Hispanic woman with a history of hemophilia. She was chosen for her difficulty recovering from injuries.
1447-Zeta is a tall, thin African-American male in his late 50’s. He was chosen for his weak immune system and wide array of allergies.

The test subjects were given steady doses of SCP-1447 over the course of three weeks, the estimated extent of exposure by Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. At the end of three weeks the personnel were told to resume their daily lives for a week. At the end of the week, tests were conducted to ascertain the nature of the genetic changes theorized in Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta. As previous data indicated, the subjects had acquired anomalistic abilities:

Delta’s balance and coordination had become highly fluid and his mobility levels had increased by 350%.
Epsilon was found to possess accelerated regenerative abilities, recovering from normally fatal injuries ranging from a .45 caliber gunshot to the stomach to vertical knife wounds over the wrists at such a rapid rate that she showed very little distress at being injured in the first place.
Zeta was found to be immune to most poisons, toxins, and other foreign agents. Substances tested thus far include cyanide, ricin, V-Series nerve agents, and chlorine gas.

The vials are currently under extensive research and testing is isolated to the current three subjects (pending six if recovery of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma is successful).

Acquisition: initial knowledge of SPC-1447 came to the Foundation via a water treatment ordinance posted in 19██ in [REDACTED] Township, Detroit. Three locals had admitted themselves into hospital care, fearing mental unbalance. Doctors at [REDACTED] found no sign of delusions, but did discover that the three patients had undergone benevolent mutations on a genetic level.
The first, a 33 year-old paraplegic named ████████ █████ (1447-Alpha), found that he was slowly regaining sensation in his legs, and was up and walking unassisted several hours before Foundation agents arrived for retrieval.
The second case was ██████ ████ (1447-Beta), a young girl whose records indicate she suffered Werner’s Syndrome, but according to doctors her skin was suddenly flawless and withstood penetration from a high-gauge IV needle.
The final case to emerge from [REDACTED] Township was ████ █████████ (1447-Gamma), a Vietnam veteran who was previously deemed terminally ill. █████████’s condition was soon withdrawn, as an examination revealed that his internal organs had regressed in age by approximately 20 years.
Agents were immediately dispatched to the hospital upon notification, but all three patients were already gone from the hospital, last seen on security footage leaving the hospital together in the company of man in a blue denim jacket. A retrieval effort is underway, but has yet to yield results.
The only known link between Alpha, Beta, and Gamma was found to be a local well which remained connected to only the three subjects’ houses. The well was disconnected from the city lines, and a retrieval team soon recovered a storage canister containing twenty (20) vials, two (2) of which were shattered and had entered the water supply. The remaining vials were placed into Foundation care, and the soil is checked twice annually for any trace elements.

Addendum 1447-A: after extensive debate, Dr. Beck and Dr. Wheaton have agreed that SCP-1447 is a living protein of unprecedented complexity. Further research will be conducted.

Addendum 1447-B: further testing has yielded theories of a possible connection between SCP-1447 and SCP-500. Any interconnecting data is still technically hypothetical.

Addendum 1447-C: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should ANY amount of SCP-1447 be exposed to the following SCP designations:


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