(Temporarily designated SCP-846 for legibility.)

Item #: SCP-846

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-846 is to be contained in airtight enclosure CA-27 in Bio-Research Sector-06. Pending further research into the behavior of SCP-846, airtight enclosure CA-27 is to be furnished for the needs of an adult Bengal tiger. Breathable air is to be thoroughly filtered before being pumped into the enclosure.

No individual that has not engaged in sexual intercourse is to be stationed at the enclosure, and no such individual is to be permitted to enter the airlock except for pre-approved research purposes.

On-site staff is to include two (2) keepers having experience with large predators, responsible for care of SCP-846 and maintenance of its enclosure. Tranquilizers darts are to be kept on hand at all times.

All personnel present are to have engaged in sexual intercourse, as per above. Before assignment, all personnel is to be screened for previous sexual intercourse through exposure to SCP-846. Failure to accurately inform site staff of one’s sexual status prior to exposure will result in disciplinary action.

For research purposes, the air content of the enclosure is to be monitored and security cameras are to record the activities of SCP-846.

Recovery: SCP-846 was first encountered at a débutante ball in ████, New York, hosted by a Mr.█████ ████. Eyewitness reports and forensic evidence confirm that SCP-846 entered through the cargo bay and moved through the kitchen, injuring and consuming part of the kitchen staff, before arriving at the ballroom where it proceeded to consume several attendees.

The Foundation was contacted after local authorities failed to terminate SCP-846. Mobile Task Force Pi-1 was dispatched and managed to sedate and retrieve SCP-846 without further incident. No unusual effects to the sedative were reported.

Due to the destructive nature of SCP-846’s feeding behaviour, a definite body count is difficult, but 16 attendees and 2 of the kitchen staff have been reported missing and remain unrecovered.

Physical description: SCP-846 appears to be a large, mammalian predator of unidentified species. Its size and build is reminiscent of an exceptionally large tiger, measuring at approximately 3m in length and 1.5 m in height at the shoulders, weighing in at around 320 kg, a significant decrease from the 400 kg It weighed at time of capture. Its skull and facial structure most closely resemble that of a hyena, with a short snout, broad molars and powerful jaw muscles. The skull and jaw are abnormally large, being of sufficient size to allow SCP-846 to swallow whole prey as large as an adult human. It has no fur, but is instead covered by thick scales. These scales are very durable, being able to sustain small arms fire without serious damage to the underlying tissue. Its tail is short and largely vestigial. Its eyes are yellow and consistent with feline morphology, affording it excellent night vision.

It appears to be in poor physical health, being jerky and erratic in its movements, as well as missing several teeth and some of the claws in its front paws. Its muscle mass has deteriorated significantly since coming into the Foundation’s care, giving it a gaunt and sickly appearance.

Behavior: SCP-846 is docile to the point of lethargy. It rarely does anything other than rest. It displays little to no curiosity or awareness of its surroundings, rarely even turning its head when the airlock opens. All attempts at stimulating and/or provoking SCP-846 have failed. Researchers have been able to, among other things, perform invasive biological tests and discharge firearms at SCP-846 without provoking aggression. SCP-846 will display signs of pain and discomfort, but will only take minimal action in shielding itself from harm, typically by removing itself from the presence of the offending element. It will not attack under any ircumstances, other than during feeding.

SCP-846 is strictly carnivorous, but completely ignores prey that is non-mammalian, dead or has engaged in sexual intercourse. When exposed to the scent of eligible prey, SCP-846 will immediately enter a “rage state.” In this “rage state,” SCP-846 will obsessively seek out the source of the scent and attempt to devour it. If it encounters an obstacle that cannot be easily circumvented, SCP-846 will attempt to destroy the obstacle. Attempts to reach the source will not cease until SCP-846 has made contact, or it can no longer discern the scent. When faced with an insurmountable obstacle, SCP-846 will frequently cause harm to itself in its attempt to destroy the obstruction. In this state, SCP-846 appears incapable of registering pain.

When SCP-846 makes contact with its prey, it does not display kill behavior consistent with any know predator. It will pin the prey to the ground and immediately begin to devour it, tearing the prey into large chunks and using its powerful jaws to crush bones and other hard structures before swallowing. This behavior will continue until the prey is completely devoured, at which point SCP-846 will resume its normal, docile demeanor.
In its rage state, SCP-846 is dangerous, but highly single-minded. It will not attack anything other than its prey, unless that other thing is directly hindering its attempts to reach its prey, in which case it will respond with excessive violence. Once the obstacle has been removed, it will be ignored.

In the event that several eligible prey are present. SCP-846 will begin to devour the closest, then move on to the next, and continue in this fashion until all prey has been consumed.

All material consumed by SCP-846 appears to be completely dissolved, suggesting the creature has a powerful digestive system. Further research is required, but tests confirm that SCP-846 is capable of completely digesting every part of a mammalian body, including bones and enamel.

Research team's analysis (Excerpt from document 846-11):

[…] in conclusion, SCP-846 displays qualities not consistent with naturally occurring terrestrial life-forms. It does not practice grooming, scratching, any sort of play or exercise, basic damage prevention, or any other type of behavior that would be conducive to its health. All attempts to coax it into engaging in these activities have failed. Its feeding behavior is self-destructive and, from a survival perspective, pointless. It also appears to be sterile. DNA tests suggest descent from many different families, primarily within the order carnivora, but other orders are also present. For these reasons, it is the opinion of the research staff that SCP-846 is a genetically engineered organism, designed for the purpose of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Long-term survival was clearly not a consideration.

Addendum 846-13(From Dr. Maslow’s formal objection to the new budget plan for Bio-Research Sector-06):

You have to stop strangling our budget. How can you not see the importance of this project? SCP-846 is a remarkable piece of genetic engineering, light years ahead of what is possible with commercially available technology. Its ability to discern whether a creature has engaged in sexual intercourse or not is entirely beyond our grasp. As far as we know, virginity isn’t even a tangible physical state, but SCP-846 has demonstrated a flawless ability to discern it by scent.
More importantly, all evidence suggest that SCP-846 is entirely terrestrial, which means someone out there knows how it was made. Someone could be mass-producing creatures like this, but we have no understanding of the process, and our only sample is dying.

This research is important. Please, I urge you to reconsider.

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