Test for me

SCP involved: ███-███, ███-███

Personnel involved:
██████████ █████████ (E4)1, ████ ████████ (E4)2

Date: January ██, 1██3

Location: ██ ██ S, ██ ██ E

Incident Summary:

Shots heard in vicinity of ██████████, five (5) miles southeast of ██████████. Local authorities dispatched to the scene and have since been presumed dead or ███████. Internal surveillance networks detected trace amounts of █████████ through satellite radiation-imaging (SRIs). (E4)1 & (E4)2 dispatched to last known location of possible SCP disturbance at 1300 arriving at 2109, arrival was without incident. Local law enforcement underwent minor briefing as per ██████████ treaty of ████ with completion of the treaty fulfilled exactly thirty-one (31) days post-event. (E4)1 have since ████ ████ ██ ███ ██████ █████ for a stay of █████-█████ (43) indefinitely ████ to ███████ the █████ ██████ █████. SCP ███-███, ███-███, should remain classified as Euclid and Keter respectively with the remaining ████ unidentified SCPs as keter until properly located, contained, and researched.

SCP ███-███ and ███-███:

[DATA EXPUNGED] … potentially hazardous on a ████ scale as with ████████ and ██████. Upon entering vicinity of last known location of local law enforcement (E4)1 & (E4)2 recorded initial findings (see Document # 3423-3a) returning at 0400, minus (E4)2. Document# 3423-3b contains pertinent ███████████ evidence pertaining to the result of (E4)2.

(E4)2 Transport:

(E4)2’s ████ torso, ████, ███████, and spleen were transported back to █████████████ adhering to the Decklin Standard of Dangerous ██████████ Transport. It is to be confined to a space of █x█x█ meters for eighteen (18) █████ before proper analysis can begin. Dr. Rudolph █████████ has been assigned to the case and is given █████ █ clearance during this time. The family and close acquaintances of (E4)2 are to be escorted as soon as possible and ████████ █████████.


Document# 3423-3a: Initial Findings (audio recording)

(E4)2 Breaching thresholds now, is that audio working?
(E4)1 Audio is… working. Let’s up this [expletive deleted] battery holds out this time.
- Silence (0:20.00 to 4:56.12) -
(E4)1 Let’s pack up and head out, there’s nothing here.
- Silence (5:05.40 to 5:15.10) -
(E4)1 [(E4)2]??
- Indiscriminate sounds (5:35.18 to 7:01.08) -
(E4)1 [expletive deleted] Jesus [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]!
- End of Record -

Document# 3423-3b: ███████████ evidence


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