Irony Extinguisher
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SCP-1074 upon recovery.

Item #: SCP-1074

Object Class: Elucid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1074 is to be locked within a titanium vault no smaller then 1.2192 Meters [Four feet] tall, and 0.9144 [Three feet] wide. A wall of rock no less then 1.524 [Five feet] is place on each side of SCP-1074 while it is submerged. Retrieval process will be completed by a single mechanical shovel and a wench manned by level one personal. Except for testing purposes, the safe should always remain at least 0.1524 [Half a foot] completely submerged. If at any point testing is approved for SCP-1074, no personal is allowed in the room, and tests are performed with a robotic arm.

The room SCP-1074 is located in must be of square shape, with the safe directly in the center. Space between the safe and walls must be approximately 9.144 [Thirty feet]. Walls are titanium 0.1524 [Half a foot] thick with a 0.1524 space filled with dirt followed by another portion of titanium equal in thickness.

No less then two level three security staff should be present at all times. Security can rotate with another of equal level after spending at least three hours guarding SCP-1074. Security is to be equipped with:

  1. One stun rod.
  2. One 9MM.
  3. Two clips for 9MM.

The equipment all security is provided is for the event of personal trying to retrieve, use, and/or test SCP-1074 without proper authorization.

*If at any point security begins to feel a sudden increase or decrease in temperature, they should evacuate the room as soon as possible.

Description: Currently being contained in Research Sector - ███. SCP-1074 was recovered from [DATA EXPUNGED]. It has been cleverly dubbed as the Irony Extinguisher by those currently in charge of overseeing testing involving SCP-1074 for reasons listed below. Design indicates it was originally designed by a international company. Original model follows the United States fire classification system and is intended for use in case of a class B fire. Extinguisher is faded red and has trace amounts of rust indicating quite a bit of age to the item. Attempts to date origin of extinguisher prove fruitless and seems to be much older then the date indicated on the label provided. Aside from the basic instructions on how to use the extinguisher, the falsified date of creation, and a company logo; all information is faded and unable to be translated.

SCP-1074 is 0.6096 [Two feet] tall, and 0.1524 [Half a foot] thick. Object weighs 4.53592 [10 pounds] when full, and 2.26796 [5 pounds] when empty. SCP-1074 is somehow capable of switching any body of water within 6.096 [Twenty feet] into fire, and turns any source of fire into water. Additionally, when the Fire Extinguisher is used, it emits a blast of fire that can shoot up to 1.524 [Five feet] away. Fire reaches temperatures of 537.777 [1000 degrees Fahrenheit.]. This fire doesn't seem to burn anything other then water, and has only been reported to cause blisters on personal who have survived contact with SCP-1074 [Should be noted that survivors are the product of a fluke, or are extremely lucky.]. However, when in contact with water, the body of water is evaporated at the rate of 5.08 [Two inches] every two seconds. [This was recorded in a body of water 0.3048 [One foot] in depth and circular diameter. If used continuously, the extinguisher can last for exactly half a minute. Effects of SCP-1074 seem to be nullified by most matters of earth, most effectively titanium. It should also be noted that when refilled, it can take anywhere from five minutes to two days for the effects to take place once again.

SCP-1074 seems to transform other extinguishers of the same model into a copy of itself. Currently, SCP-1074 has only a single sister SCP known as SCP-1074-2 which is kept in confinement with the original. They both must be emptied before either may be refilled.

Any organic being that comes into contact with SCP-1074 or 1074-2 will be killed within ten minutes of exposure. When a researcher came into contact with SCP-1074's effects, they took their last moments to say a single prayer, and then proceeded to state the changes their body underwent during the five minutes they lived. Due to short survival time, his words are short and pained. Please refer to incident audio log #02201 for more information regarding this entry.

Autopsy on Researcher shows all blood in body has been dried and some have been converted into an ash-like state. Internal heat is equal to the flames peak temperature. It takes the body two hours to cool down to normal. The body is completely empty of any moisture by this rate. Nothing else of significance is discovered.


Incident Audio Log #02201:

One Minute: I feel extremely hot, it almost feels like a severe fever.

Two Minutes: I can almost hear the blood in my body beginning to boil. -He pauses.- The pain is difficult to bear.

Three Minutes: - Researcher is crouched on the ground, he is visibly dripping with sweat, a puddle of sweat under him. His words are paused with a deep inhale after each stop. - I. Can't. Breath. - This is followed by a small chain of swearing. -

Four Minutes: - He is steaming by this point and all sweating has ceased. Gasps can be heard, but no words are audible.-

Five Minutes: - Researcher passes away, all steam vanishes. Body is slightly shriveled. -

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