I was in the city trying on a business trip. I wanted to get the corner office, I wanted to get the bigger desk and I wanted people kissing my ass. I thought showing up and booking early for the convention for the company would get my foot in the door with the boss, so I booked in an old hotel on the cheap, just before renovations. The weather was crap and the service was passable, given how old and run down the place was. I was told my room was in on the nineteenth floor, so I got my bags and went into the elevator.

The room smelled of dust. I punched the button for the nineteenth, the doors closed, and the elevator began to hum it's way up the shaft. The lights flickered. I looked up, furrowed my brows, and let out a sigh. Anything for that fucking job, in hindsight. The lights flicker again, and the lights shut out entirely.
I remember cursing. I don't know what it was, it was fear or resentment for being put through the wringer like this all the time. That's when it started to happen. A tap up the wall below the elevator, and then a thump of something pressing against the metal below my feet. A tap here and there. I think it's just an old building at first, but ..it keeps happening. It moves only when I move.
I get nervous. I try to find an emergency phone. Nothing. I press buttons blindly. Nothing. No power. I let out a nervous chuckle, and walk towards the back of the elevator. Tap tap tap tap. I take a deep breath, run my hand through my hair, and punch the button for the light on my watch. Tap tap tap tap. It's on the side - How IN THE HELL can it be on the side of the box? There's like, seven inches space, tops! What is it?
Is it a rat or something? I pull my phone out of my pocket and try to ring the hotel to let them know I'm trapped.
No bars. I let out another nervous chuckle. Tap tap. Thud. It's above me. I look up. The metal access door slides open.
I can't see anything. I jump to the side of the box. It's in here with me. I - What-



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