Mysterious "Mummy"
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Still of SCP-XXXX before containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a five by five by five (5x5x5) meter room at all times with cameras set up in each top corner, covering all angles of the room with live video feed. The walls are to be covered in blank wallpaper that is possible for Level 1 personnel to remove without causing severe rips, and must be replaced bi-weekly, along with a box of fresh permanent markers within SCP-XXXX's reach. Removed wallpaper must be sent to Dr. ██████ for analysis, and any personnel found altering it in any way without prior permission will result in immediate termination or reassignment. Camera footage needs to be reviewed hourly, and any changes in behavior are to be reported to Dr. ██████. Should any of the cameras stop working, Level 1 personnel are to fix or replace them immediately. No physical contact should come to SCP-XXXX, and personnel assigned must wear protective clothing when in the containment area.

The only personnel allowed to be in the same room as or interact with SCP-XXXX must have prior permission from Dr. ██████, and failure to do so will result in reassignment. If an outbreak occurs, D-Class personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are responsible for finding and securing her without harming her. D-Class personnel are to wear special padded uniforms during an outbreak to prevent bodily harm from SCP-XXXX upon physical contact to contain her.

SCP-XXXX is not permitted to be anywhere outside of her containment room. Must be supplied with a black ink permanent marker at all times, and should be given more if she run outs before the bi-weekly maintenence of her containment area. The object SCP-XXXX was found holding prior to containment should not be mentioned, shown to, or given to her until analysis of its importance is complete. Should anyone do any of the three, they are to be removed and reassigned immediately if not bodily harmed by SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a Caucasian female, late teens to mid 20s, 170 cm tall, weighing 45 kg (approx. 100 lb). Always wears a mummy-like wrap around her entire body with only her eyes showing, and it is not recommended to come into physical contact with SCP-XXXX without protective wear. Is unable to speak or understand English, but does attempt communication through an unknown language that Dr. ██████ and the Foundation cannot translate.

Object SCP-XXXX was found holding before containment

SCP-XXXX's behavior is simple, and should it change personnel must notify Dr. ██████ immediately. SCP-XXXX seems to not require food, water, or rest despite the attempts to feed her. Careful watch over a [REDACTED] month period has proven she needs none of the three and does not lose nor gain weight or energy over time. Has a tendency to talk to herself, although researchers are not certain if she can actually speak or not for they have never seen anything else of her face except for her hazel eyes, which is the only pigmentation visible. When supplied with a permanent marker or any type of writing tool, SCP-XXXX is known to write on the walls in a strange language believed to be the same language she speaks, and of which Dr. ██████ is unable to decipher despite the hours spent studying the wallpaper retrieved from the containment area. Camera footage has proven that SCP-XXXX is not very active other than the writing and talking, and that she appears to walk with a limp. Cause of the limping is currently unknown, and attempts to discover the cause have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-XXXX has killed almost [DATA EXPUNGED] personnel and harmed far more because of her odd behavior. Despite warnings to the personnel, they find themselves wanting to comfort SCP-XXXX when she approaches with that limp in her left leg, trying to communicate without success. Whether this is simply natural or deliberately caused by SCP-XXXX is still unknown and undergoing testing, but it is certain that these feelings always end in injury. When physically touched, the SCP will attack. How she kills and harms is also unknown for the camera footage is somehow always blurred, and the survivors can't seem to remember how they were harmed. Injuries found on the bodies of personnel include [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED], claw marks, and the occasional broken bone. Reason behind the attacks is still unknown but believed to be an act of defense whether or not the personnel were hostile to SCP-XXXX.

Study of the wounds prove that SCP-XXXX does not spread any kind of infection or disease, but researchers have discovered a liquid substance that is always found on the wounds, whether they be claw marks or [DATA EXPUNGED]. After taking samples from several injuries found on different personnel, tests show that the liquid substance has an amnestic chemical in it that causes the amnesia, meaning survivors cannot remember the attack at all.

The only other time aggressive behavior has been shown was prior to containment when the Foundation took away the cat statue that SCP-XXXX was found holding. Its importance is still unknown and the connection between SCP-XXXX and the object is undergoing research.

Incident Report #███

SCP involved: SCP-XXXX

Personnel Involved: Tom █████ 1/XXXX (KIA), Victoria ███████ 1/XXXX (KIA), Jacob █████ 1/XXXX (KIA), D-7753 (KIA), D-5212 (KIA), D-3039 (KIA), D-7649

Date: 0█/0█/████

Location: Sector-19, Containment Area-███


Incident #███ occurred 0█/0█/████ during the first maintenence of SCP-XXXX's containment room to take pictures of the writing on the walls and cover them with removable wallpaper. Camera footage of the day cannot be retrieved due to system failure. Description made from interview with D-7649.

Level 1 personnel Victoria ███████ was attacked by SCP-XXXX when Victoria approached and touched her to see if the wraps were real, and moments after D-Class personnel arrived. In an effort to help Victoria, Tom █████ and Jacob █████ tried to pry SCP-XXXX off, but were thrown across the room with their arms allegedly [DATA EXPUNGED], declared deceased upon impact with the concrete wall. D-Class personnel made an attempt to remove the bodies, but SCP-XXXX directed her hostility towards them next. Without protective clothing, they were all massacred, except for D-7649, whom fled the room immediately after watching the horrifying scene.

More D-Class personnel were sent in an hour later in hopes that SCP-XXXX wasn't hostile anymore, and they were correct. After retrieving the bodies of Tom █████ 1/XXXX, Victoria ███████ 1/XXXX, Jacob █████ 1/XXXX, D-7753, D-5212, and D-3039, Level 1 personnel wearing protective uniforms were sent in the finish the maintenence. SCP-XXXX did not attack and personnel were able to clean up the room and fix the cameras without being harmed.

Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX have been issued protective uniforms to be prepared for any hostility from SCP-XXXX when inside her containment room and cannot enter without permission from Dr. ██████. All interactions with SCP-XXXX and maintenence of her room must be recorded and reviewed. Bodies retrieved were found to have severe wounds, including [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED] on limbs, and claw marks almost everywhere.

Interviewed: D-7649

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Interview with D-7649 to find out what exactly happened on 0█/0█/████ during the first maintenence of SCP-XXXX's containment room. Incident resulted in deceased Level 1 personnel, and deceased D-Class personnel who were assigned to help defend the Level 1 personnel. Cameras were not operating properly and footage of the day cannot be retrieved. D-7649 was the only surviving D-Class personnel after the incident, currently suffering from a broken wrist and [DATA EXPUNGED] on his arms.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: I understand that you are the only surviving D-Class personnel from the incident with SCP-XXXX on [REDACTED], correct?

D-7649: Yeah. Why am I here?

Dr. ██████: You are here to aid us in our understanding of the incident, since our cameras were not operating correctly that day. Can you describe to me what happened to your wrist and arms?

D-7649: What? (Looks down at exposed arms) How the hell did that happen?

Dr. ██████: You don't remember?

D-7649: Nope, Doc. Woke up and they were there. No story.

Dr. ██████: Then can you describe what happened when you were ordered to retrieve the Level 1 personnel from SCP-XXXX's containment area?

D-7649: (Face pales) Um, sure.. When I stepped in, I saw some chick laying in a puddle of blood in the middle of the floor. (Shudders) The two guys tried to push that.. thing away, but it.. it.. (Face turns a pale shade of green, indicating nausea)

Dr. ██████: What did SCP-XXXX do to the remaining Level 1 personnel?

D-7649: (Gulps) It was impossible.. but it [DATA EXPUNGED] and fucking threw them into the wall! Those guys.. they were a whole lot heavier than
that thing, and it threw them like they were a bag of chips!

Dr. ██████: I see.. Now, what happened to the D-Class personnel? How were they killed?

D-7649: (Looks more nauseated than before) Do I have to? Dude, I feel like puking..

Dr. ██████: Please continue with the story.

D-7649: (Seems reluctant, but continues) We tried to go get the.. the bodies. We didn't know if that thing would eat them or not, and they would have to be dragged out sooner or later. They told me to keep a distance away in case they needed something, so I could run out and tell you guys. But when they even touched that chick in the puddle the thing went after them and [DATA EXPUNGED]! It was.. disgusting.. (Shudders) Then it came after me! But I don't remember what happened after that, except I found myself running out bleeding.

Dr. ██████: Thank you, D-7649. You may go now.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Incident Report #███ was filled out following the interview with D-7649. Further information on the actions of D-7649 and Dr. ██████ after the interview is not open to the public.

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