Item #: SCP-1411

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1411 Is located along motorway ██████ at grid co-ordinates ████. The road is closed and blocked off with concrete crash barriers while further tests are conducted. Four (4) concrete barriers are to form a square around SCP-1411 to prevent any personnel or civilians from crossing SCP-1411. This site is under constant watch by four (4) lv1 security details in six (6) hour rotation shifts.

Description: SCP-1411 is a weathered piece of common asphalt, marked with a single stripe of white paint. Any object that attempts to traverse over SCP-1411 has its temperature reduced to 190K. Following this event; the air in the area surrounding SCP-1411, between 2-3m is heated. The total increase in temperature over this area corresponds to the amount of energy lost from the traversing object. This means it is highly possible for a vehicle or number of humans traversing SCP-1411, to produce enough heat energy to kill/maim many more within the area of effect (2-3m).

[NOTE: ALL personnel working in proximity to SCP-1411 MUST wear issued protective gear, to protect from any radiating heat]

Chronological Report Of Events:

2/02/2012 6:32PM GMT: Several car's are observed by CCTV cameras being frozen into ice, and then shattering, along motorway ██████ in England.

3/02/2012 9:10AM GMT: The Foundation deploys assets to investigate.

4/02/2012 10AM-3PM GMT: Three (3) Personnel are killed examining the area, frozen to death immediately upon approaching the anomaly.

4/02/2012 9PM GMT: Roadblocks are set up by the Foundation, CCTV footage for the last two weeks acquired by Foundation personnel. Class-B amnesiacs administered to the security guard responsible for reviewing the tapes. All incoming traffic to the area is diverted and armed response units secure a 1km safe zone around the anomaly.

5/02/2012 6:15AM-7PM GMT: Testing begins to determine the source of the disturbances

1/03/2012: After extensive testing, the source is determine to be the asphalt itself, specifically a 3m by 4m piece.

14/04/2012 8PM GMT: In order to prevent civilians crossing SCP-1411 the road is closed off with concrete crash barriers. While further tests are conducted by The Foundation. Trespassers are arrested and administered a Class-C amnesiac.

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