DrFreeman's Sandbox

The Basement

I've always been afraid of my basement ever since I moved. I mean, the place looks normal. Just your average 2 yard by 2 yard square, with a room for heaters in the back. I've never gone back there often because my dad tells me not to. Every time I ask him he replies with the same, bullcrap answer.

"Daddy doesn't want you to get lost," he'll say. I'll reply to him with the usual okay, a comment of my own sarcasm.

It was only about 2 or 3 days ago when I saw the monster. I planned originally to camp out as far back as I could for a week, but my plans were spoiled by the sound of a door locking and the losing of my key. I brought my laptop down and my cell phone, so I could have internet access. I've been down ever since because the door got locked. I packed a few provisions, just so I could last a few days if needed. My phone was on low battery, and my laptop had a crappy wireless adapter. There were no plugs down there, so I decided to use them until they "died."

I was going as far back as I could until my body decided to quit on me, and I stopped there. I got about 1/4 of a mile, then I quit. I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but I classified it as nothing. When I started to set up my camping area, I heard a little rubble fall in the distance, about 2-3 feet away. Everything was fine until day 2, when I saw the Monster. It was large, I couldn't see it very well no matter how much my light was on it. It seemed blurred, as if it wasn't there the whole way. All I can remember mainly was the grin. It had a large grin, spanning from side to side of its "face." It looked like it was stitched and stretched in a way it shouldn't be, like the way a broken bone looks. Just out of place. On day 3, it approached me. It was closer then the last day, but still the same faint look. I asked where it came from, and what it was but what it replied with was something I didn't understand. Probably Sumerian, as it sounded like a mix of Greek and Arabic. I decided it was just a hallucination from the dark, and kept on my adventure. This was when I lost my key to the door.

The last day I remember, day 4, it approached me and calmly said in perfect English, "Leave, and don't turn back," I decided to just go to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next day, I found myself, writing in perfect detail, of this event. Though I have no idea what happened, as I turned around it said, "I warned you."

I just woke up in the hospital. As I look back on these events, I remember my family, and the thoughts I had. My best friend is beside me, and I see my family in the waiting room. They told me I suffered major head trauma, though I survived, and that I was babbling in Sumerian. Something about a thing called, Mulla Xul, the Sumerian word for evil or devil. The gashes on my head look like some blade of unknown metal, or claws. I silently think to myself, "Who are these people?"

The day after that, I remembered a faint memory of the attack. I just saw the thing come at me, but I never blocked it. I remember being in some sort of paralyzed state, much like some people having a dream. The blade It had was about 3-4 inches long, and there were 3 of them. They were made of a black metal, and seemed to be extruding from his hands. Like fingers, but pointier. The thing attacked me a few seconds after I looked back at it, and I didn't remember anything after that.

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