The Boy and His Shadows
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Item #: SCP-1434

Object Class: Euclid (request for Keter upgrade pending)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1434 is to be contained in a 5m x 6m x 6m with a visibility of no more than four feet at a maximum. Any light level above this will cause SCP-1434-1 through 4 to enter an active and extremely aggressive state unless SCP-1434 tells them not to. Testing with SCP-1434 and counterparts are not an exception to this rule. Logical requests from the subject may be granted. Requests from SCP-1434 concerning SCP-1434-1 through 4 are to be denied.

Description: SCP-1434 is a Indonesian male of approximately ten years of age. He stands at about 1.3 meters tall, and has no features that separate him from other humans like him. Despite living in Indonesia for his entire life in a rural village, he seems to have a fair grasp of English. See Addendum 1434:1.

SCP-1434-1 is a solid black humanoid figure, standing at approximately two meters tall. It does not appear to have any facial features. SCP-1434-2 and 3 look the same, although they are only 1.8 meters tall.

SCP-1434-4 differs from the others in that it is three meters tall, and is often seen sitting next to SCP-1434, while the subject talks to it. Testing and interviews have concluded that SCP-1434-4 responds to the subject. All researchers who have attempted to converse with it have failed. Those inside the containment room [DATA EXPUNGED]. The other secondaries occasionally seem to converse with each other, and rarely with SCP-1434. SCP-1434 seems to enjoy these interactions.

All of the secondaries are extremely acidic. Samples recovered from Incident 1434:1 show that the outsides of the secondaries have an approximate pH of 0.09 when in an active state. During inactivity, it is neutral.

SCP-1434 appears to have control over SCP-1434-1 through 4 See Addendum 1434:2 and Incident Report 1434:1.

Prior to Incident 1434:1, SCP-1434 responded politely to questions asked to it, but turns down most requests to talk about the secondaries, saying that it does not know much about them and wouldn't want to get facts wrong. After Incident 1434:1, the subject refused to answer any questions about anything. See Interview 1434:1 for post-incident report.

Addendum 1434:1: SCP-1434 and counterparts were found after the disappearance of twenty people from a neighboring village. When questioned about it, SCP-1434 denies any knowledge of the missing individuals, or that the event even happened at all. He then asked SCP-1434-4 if it (the subject referred to it as 'he') had any knowledge of the event, to which it responded no. However, there is no way to prove this, as the group converses in a language unlike any known language.

Addendum 1434:2 Incident 1434:1 seems to have taken a large toll on SCP-1434's mental health. Investigations into how to correct this or terminate SCP-1434-1 through 4 are under way. It is possible that the subject may become suicidal in the near future. Requests to give the subject one SCP-500 have been denied.

Addendum 1434:3 Prior to Incident 1434:1, SCP-1434-4 expressed a great desire to visit SCP-354. Requests were denied, and the group was moved to a more secure facility.

Interview 1434:1

Interviewed: SCP-1434

Interviewer: Dr. Gilad

Foreword: The following interview was conducted after Incident 1434:1. It is the only interview after twelve unsuccessful attempts in which SCP-1434 said anything at all.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Gilad: Hello.

SCP-1434: (mumbling)

Dr. Gilad: How are you doing?

SCP-1434: (sobs)

Dr. Gilad: Do you have any knowledge of why Incident 1434:1 occurred?

SCP-1434: (unintelligible)

Dr. Gilad: Speak up?

SCP-1434: …[REDACTED]…

Dr. Gilad: Do you know why?

SCP-1434: …I want…

Dr. Gilad: What do you want?

SCP-1434: I want to g-go home.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Conversations between SCP-1434 and others dropped sharply after Incident 1434:1, and the subject no longer seems to like these interactions. The interview was conducted entirely in Indonesian, as SCP-1434 no longer seems to understand English.

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