The Caricature Artist


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??47 is to be contained in a standard 5x5x5-meter room furnished with whatever the subject desires, so long as it does not violate security. SCP-??47 may freely roam Site ██ if accompanied by a guard. Subject is only allowed access to drawing media if undergoing testing.

Description: SCP-??47 was recovered in █████, North ███████, where he was advertised as "The Caricaturizer/For $25, Become a Real Drawing!". Subject was recovered and those who had been affected or had seen somone who had been affected were administered Class-A amnesiacs. SCP-??47 is a Caucasian man around the age of 35, exhibiting no abnormal physical features. Subject does have a nervous habit of drawing anyone he is in the presence of in caricature or, rarely, other art forms. The adverse effects of this tic are odd, but never fatal. The person depicted changes physical to match the drawing. Persons affected by this suffer no trauma or pain, and some report feeling more creative. The only injuries sustained by those affected come about if they are drawn grossly disproportionately, in which case they report symptoms similar to an onset of chronic pains. Subject is quite cooperative with Foundation personnel and responds honestly to all inquiries.

Addendum ??47-01: Subject has periodically complained of symptoms which resemble osteoarthritis. Further research into SCP-??47's abilities and their possible connection to his early-onset arthritis are being performed by Dr. ███████

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