The Creative Coins

Item #: SCP-1475

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-1475 are currently to be kept in a standard, 6-tumbler iron safe with dimensions of three (3) meters cubed at sector ██. Personal are not to approach said safe except to count and record the number of items in said safe once a week.

Current count: ███

Description: The first instance of SCP-1475 was found on █/██/19██, in the possession of ████ ███████. It appeared as a standard copper US penny, with the exception of the images engraved on it. Instead of the face of Abraham Lincoln, there was a small image of what appeared to be a standard ███ brand ballpoint pen, along with the inscription “To create is human.” It was assumed to be a simple counterfeit and discarded. However, ██ years later, examination of the corpse of ████ ██████ revealed that he was carrying several similar coins on his person at the time of death. Upon further research into the object, similar coins were found on the bodies of [Data expunged]. Analysis revealed that most people found to posses said coins were writers, musicians, painters, or other types of artists. Those found to posses a subject also met with an early death in most cases. Said coins always come in the lowest standard issue increment of the local currency, with the inscription translated into the native language of the country that the currency belongs to.

The amount of coins that were in the artist’s possession appears to directly correlate to the amount of success they achieved in their works, with success increasing with the number of coins owned.

Objects are classified as “Euclid” due to the high frequency of strange deaths related to the coins, as well as the fact that coins will occasionally disappear from agency containment.

On January ██, 20██, Dr. █████, who worked in an office next to the safe the coins were kept in, requested ██ subjects of SCP-1475 in order to test their effects. She argued that her hobby of painting made her the ideal subject. Dr. ████████ complied with the request on February █, 20██. In later reports, he commented that she was "Incredibly persuasive." Within ██ days of owning the coins, Dr. █████ reported increased desire to paint. Comparison of her paintings before possession of the subjects with paintings after revealed a noticeable increase in quality. After ██ days, Dr. █████ expressed desire to put her paintings into a museum. The agency denied this request and decided to confiscate the paintings and the coins. Dr. █████ resisted confiscation, and showed incredible strength during said resistance, injuring █. Sedation was required in order to gain compliance.
Dr. █████ contracted ████ a few months later. It is unknown if the events are related.

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