The Designist


Name: Weiß Winkel
Name Origin: German for "White Nook" or "White Place"

Current Classification: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained in an isolated mansion in [REDACTED], Germany. Procedures are undergoing to remove SCP-XXX from the mansion without damaging it due to SCP-XXX being incapable of disassembling. The family and locals are told that the room contains poisonous materials prone to causing amnesia and other long-term effects and they are there to remove the room safely. No personnel or people are to gain entrance to SCP-XXX for numerous reasons except for clearance by Level 4 or above, but it is to be guarded from entrance. Agents that have witnessed SCP-XXX-1 must be removed from the area effective immediately and not allowed back to the presence of the area for any reason to reduce risk. Agents that have witnessed SCP-XXX-2 must undergo psychiatric evaluation to study effects that SCP-XXX-2 may have implanted upon the agent.

Description: SCP-XXX was located due to a family guest accessing a formerly jammed door and discovering the mirror's effects. Fortunately, one of the family members was an agent on a temporary leave. Resident family seems to have no contact or experience with the room besides the sole witness, who has been given Class A amnesia, and the rest were convinced the witness was affected by poisonous materials in the room. The family was not harmed or altered any other ways due to the situation and the agent's requests, removing the room under the guise that the room was full of poisonous materials. The door to SCP is a plain wooden white door, with peeling white paint. The wood underneath is also stained the same color of the paint, bringing question at times why the paint was even necessary, or if it had something to do with the room within. At 153 cm high, the words "Weiß Winkel" are scrawled in excessive ink on the door, in a very whimsical, "happy-go-lucky" handwriting. Various agents refer to the font as "Willy Wonka writing." The other side of the door is a featureless plate of white porcelain. The room itself is almost completely white porcelain- the floor, walls, and ceiling are porcelain and appears to be a single solid material, smoothly curving plane to plane with no sign of welding or detachment. The room is approximately 3 meters wide and 6 meters long. The floor has a rough texture to it, apparently to provide footing. In the center of the room is an armchair, also made of porcelain and melded with the room as well. The armchair is facing the back wall, with its back to the entrance. On the back wall, facing the chair, is a large oval black mirror, with a excessively ornate wood framing painted black. All walls and the mirror except for the wood framing are reflective with no measurable distortion.

When a person is seated in the chair and focuses on the black mirror, the reflected image in the mirror becomes animated, as if a movie, as the view moves away from the person and exits the room, then travels great distances, eventually focusing on various places or objects that the viewer desires the most. This animated mirror is classified as SCP-XXX-1, as it appears to act independently from SCP-XXX-2 with the exception of its activation. Subjects are only shown if they are real and material, and observation of scenes viewed in the mirror prove that the image is indeed a live view of various places. This animated image is visible to others, even cameras, showing it is not a psychic image. However, additional viewers do not affect the performance of the animation. The primary viewer then begins to display great entertainment and enjoyment, as well as longing towards the contents of the animation. Once the viewer feels he is sated or desires to leave the room, the animation ceases and restores to a normal reflection once again. Most people that experience SCP-XXX-1 will gradually become more interested in it, eventually becoming addicted or even somewhat obsessed. Fortunately, this is normal addiction, rather than supernatural, so they can shake it off.

However, whenever the viewer that activated the mirror looks away from the animated mirror towards the reflective white walls, the black mirror ceases animation and the reflection in the white walls will animate instead, classified SCP-XXX-2. The walls will fill up with images of various creatures, objects, and concepts that the viewer dislike, fear, or hate. The creatures seem unaware of the viewer's presence, simply wandering around in the white void of the reflections, with the exception with one figure that is always seen whenever SCP-XXX-2 is activated. This figure is always a tall humanoid figure in a stereotypical black catholic priest outfit, wearing a similarly black padre hat with a ridiculously wide brim. This figure appears to be aware of the viewer, seemingly staring straight at the viewer and standing still. Despite its apparently cartoonish anatomy, the viewer, even if he is not terrified by the various images, will fall into a state of terror and panic, and either become paralyzed in fear to the chair until agents remove him from the room or the person attempts to escape. Afterwards, when questioned about the images, the survivors will speak as if the black figure was well-known, with familiarity, sometimes even referring to him as [DATA EXPUNGED]. If the viewer is to touch the walls for any reason, the animation changes yet again, the images suddenly become aware of the viewer and turn to stare at him, observing as if he is in a glass cage, and the previously stationary black priest-like figure will start advancing towards the room. At this point, the viewer always begins to panic, trying to escape from the room at any cost until he either escapes successfully or passes out or dies from the effort, ending SCP-XXX-2. As of yet, we have not successfully observing what happens if the black priest successfully reaches the viewer, and we are coming up with ways of keeping the viewer alive and awake in the effect of SCP-XXX-2 to observe the consequences or result of the priestlike figure's arrival.

Addendums (will be edited): two or more people in the chair will not activate SCP-XXX-1, but instead, all reflections in the room, including the viewers' own, will disappear. This seems to have no effect at all, reflections return when the viewers leave the room. Attempts to remove the black mirror from the wall results in the reflection becoming an inverted image of the priest and [REDACTED].

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