Leroy Jethro

I-Hate-You Koala

Concept: A sapient, infant Phascolarctos cinereus, only form of vocalization is soft singing, craves human affection. Touch temporarily increases strength, very limited regenerative abilities. Most prominent feature is it's psychological effect on those in its presence: they lose capacity for rational thought and display extreme disdain for SCP-X.

Hook: Additional Standard Containment Procedures document, written by someone exposed to SCP-X. Loss of formal tone.

Note: Include "The only good thing about this little f███ is that touching him increases your strength, which means the second time D-91482 slapped him, he flew across the room and put a dent in the wall. Laughed my a██ off. The little b████ actually cried. Sad part is he regenerates. At least he does it slowly."

Also include, "SCP-X is to be contained in a 20 cm by 30 cm by 30 cm steel box with a hole for air. When he shows signs of starvation, throw in a Eucalyptus leaf. If he starts to sing, shoot him in the foot."

And, "SCP-X understands human speech and obeys some commands, but not, "Get the f███ off me!" Kick the thing in the face and he will keep trying to hug your leg. He'll even keep smiling at you unless you actually draw blood."

And, "One security guard got bored and tried testing SCP-X's regeneration by shooting him point-blank, but his gun wouldn't fire. The little s███ grabbed the gun, fixed it, and handed it back. This thing can work weapons, I say we feed it to our indestructible lizard friend."

Include two of the following:

SCP-X singing
SCP-X put in medical coma to shut it up


Teacup Pig

Same idea as Sphynx, but funnier and cuter, cuz it's a sadistic teacup pig. Also… change it so it is not a "thing wat you should do what they say cause you wouldn't like it when it's angry" Maybe the bad thing happens when it is sad and torture makes it happy


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Item #: SCP-1207

Object Class: Safe

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-1207 is to be kept under constant video surveillance in a standard padded containment cell. SCP-1207 is not to be allowed to interact with any objects, even those ordinarily perceived as harmless. SCP-1207 is to be provided with a television set, newspapers, and immediate knowledge of World News and Incident reports. SCP-1207 is not a security threat, and possesses no living family ties.

Description: SCP-1207 is a Hispanic female, 170cm tall, weighing 52 kg, identified as “Clara ███████” who claims that, for her, each day will repeat itself an inconsistent number of times, reported between 3 to over 200. (In other words, to the outside observer, a day will end, while she "starts it over again.") These recurrences are believed to take place outside of our dimension, often giving SCP-1207 memories of events which have not yet taken place. Video surveillance indicates a shift in SCP-1207's position at approximately 1:00 am, which is observed whether or not SCP-1207 is awake at the time of the shift. Psychological evaluations have shown SCP-1207 suffers from no mental abnormality other than severe depression. Various anti-depressants have been tested, none resulting in a positive change in mental state.

History: On 05/04/19██, SCP-1207, then intoxicated, drove an SUV into the living room of her house, killing her husband and daughter. The first day SCP-1207 reports “reliving” was the very next day.

Note: SCP-1207 has suggested a link between her regret and the number of daily recurrences. As regret is not quantifiable, this is unproven.

Addendum: Every morning SCP-1207 is to be told the date. Additionally, SCP-1207 is to be asked how many “yesterdays” occurred in total as well as how many recurrences of the current date she has experienced and for any information regarding personal experiences, especially that pertaining to future events. Any tests are to be cleared 24 hours in advance and carried out even if SCP-1207 claims a date is the first recurrence. All data is to be recorded in Log 1207.

The Sphynx:

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a small room in [REDACTED], granted the room is deemed acceptable by the subject. If SCP-XXXX attempts to exit, it is to be discouraged from leaving the room; however, no acts of violence or hostility are to be made against SCP-XXXX for any reason.

The demands of SCP-XXXX which are to be regularly fulfilled include:

• 1 full-time Class D caretaker; to be fully briefed on description and history of SCP-XXXX; must exhibit history of sociopathic tendencies
• Three (3) live mice with hind legs broken, to be replaced in the event one or more of them die
• An additional Class D every forty (40) days

Additional requests are to be cleared through authorizing personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a creature resembling a large hairless felid, much like the breed known as Sphynx. Its side bears a marking with a red and a blue fish, similar to that on [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the subject’s left ear is a ring of an uidentified substance. When provoked, subject exhibits the ability to mutilate using an unknown force. This force has been reported to shred through humans and non-biological materials.

SCP-XXXX is resistant to injury from sharp or blunt objects, flame, radiation, and explosions. Following testing procedures, SCP-XXXX has exhibited several changes in appearance, including a 100% increase in size as well as growth of [REDACTED]. Any further changes must be reported immediately to Dr. ██████. Further testing of possible weaknesses has been suspended indefinitely.

History: SCP-XXXX was initially reported in the house of Agatha █████████ upon her arrest for ██ counts of murder. Subject was believed to be an exotic domestic animal and was removed along with ██ other house pets. SCP-XXXX was taken into Foundation containment after observation of its anomalous properties.

Addendum XXXX-01: Recent events have made it apparent that SCP-XXXX demands its owner “worship it as a god”. It appears to be content with having only one follower. The acts of “worship” may be strictly superficial, as SCP-XXXX’s telepathy is restricted to one-way communication and it lacks the ability to discern truth from honesty.

Addendum XXXX-02: Only D-class personnel are to have direct contact with SCP-X. It is to be allotted one D-class personnel every forty days. D-18756 has been assigned to permanently care for SCP-XXXX. Due to his extremely violent history as [REDACTED] he is not to leave the premises of the containment facility. All routine errands must be executed by level 1 personnel and new requests approved by personnel level 4 or higher.

Note: D-18756 states that, prior to and during the process, SCP-XXXX’s victims must be kept alive, not sedated, and restrained only by D-18756’s own hands. D-18756 also says SCP-XXXX prefers sacrifices of Caucasian female brunettes between the ages of 30-40. Although no prior history of SCP-XXXX’s victims suggests this last detail, provisions are to be made accordingly.

Addendum XXXX-03: D-18756 has attempted to escape containment and has been reprimanded pending investigation. D-19009 will now replace D-18756 as caretaker of SCP-XXXX.

Note: SCP-XXXX now prefers females with blonde hair.

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