The Faith Pendant
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Omicron-8 (Bubble Busters) is to investigate any reports of anomalous activity during events which may solicit the appearance of SCP-.XXX-3. Such events include, but are not limited to: religious gatherings, comic book conventions, renaissance fairs, and fantasy/ science fiction book signings or movie openings.
Any confirmed appearances are to be contained by team Omicron-8, which includes the detaining of witnesses, the destruction of instances of SCP-XXX-2, the application of class-A amnesiacs and the recovery of any SCP-XXX-1 objects.
In addition MTF Omicron-9 (Silver Shooters) is tasked with investigating of the origin of the object and the detaining and interrogation of any instances of SCP-XXX-3. [Note from Site Administrator █████: “I’ve had it up to here with this little prick. If you get your hands on him, the gloves come off. Bring out the blowtorch and pliers, crack open the thumbscrews, lower the bastard head-first into 682’s enclosure until he starts talking. If he’s working with anyone else, don’t even bother to ask permission, just stamp them out.]
Any recovered instances of SCP-XXX-1 are to be kept in the secure containment vault at Site-██, with tests requiring approval from no less than three (3) Level-5 staff members.

Description: SCP-XXX-1 is a polished silver pendant five (5) cm in diameter and threaded with a single silver chain (note that there is no weld mark or lock in the chain, the circle and every link is perfect). The pendant is cast in the shape of a pentagram (five-pointed star consisting of five criss-crossing lines) and is chemically and physically flawless, consisting purely of the element silver and bearing no flaws, scratches or pits in its surface.

SCP-XXX-1’s anomalous properties manifest when it is worn by an individual who is surrounded by numerous people (minimum recorded number to cause an incident is two hundred (200) people) who are all fixated on a single idea, concept, character, or fictional world. At this point SCP-XXX will start to vibrate slightly (this often goes unnoticed by the wearer as they must be in a relatively large crowd to experience the effect) and soon after an entity – SCP-XXX-2 – will come into being somewhere out of direct line of sight from SCP-XXX-1’s wearer or any of the catalysing individuals. There have been over ██ recorded instances of SCP-XXX-2, many of which have been unique from any other manifestations, but agents in the field have catalogued several features that they will almost always possess:
*They will almost always be bipedal.
*They will almost always be sapient.
*They will almost always possess supernatural powers or capabilities.
*They will almost always be a specific character or personality that is easily recognised by the individuals that caused it to manifest.
*They will almost always have altruistic personalities or else show indifference to the people around them. Revised – see incident report XXX-A

Although SCP-XXX-2 will appear out of sight of the catalysing individuals, it will immediately attempt to move into their sensory range, proceeding to act according to its assumed form once it is within sight and hearing of them. Examples of behaviour include a manifestation of the super-hero █████ pushing someone out of the way of an oncoming car and the biblical character [DATA EXPUNGED]. MTF Omicron-8 had some success in detaining manifestations of SCP-XXX-2 under the appearance of police officers restraining an escaped mental patient, after this is achieved protocol is to escort SCP-XXX-2 to at least 500m away from SCP-XXX-1, which causes it to immediately and without trace vanish. If manifestations are not detained for over fifteen (15) minutes they will proceed to exit the area and dematerialise anyway, however this scenario is undesirable owing to the increased public exposure of an unrestrained instance of SCP-XXX-2 continuing to operate while mobile.

Eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage from a number of incidents detail SCP-XXX being gifted to seemingly random individuals at events which are likely to cause a manifestation. The unknown male subject (designated SCP-XXX-3) is often described as having long hair dyed a bright colour and mis-matched eyes (note: this is likely due to contact lenses, as several sightings that share facial features possess different eye colours.) It is likely that this individual is directly involved with the manufacture of these objects and is deliberately attempting to cause SCP-XXX-2 manifestations for an unknown purpose. The apprehending of him is therefore deemed a class Sigma priority.

Incident report XXX-A:

Audio log of communication between embedded Agent ███ (callsign Swift) and Site-██ command (callsign Starbase).
Agent ████ has been tasked with overseeing a book signing of the author ████ ████’s newest fiction novel “The Black Wizard Mortizant”. Over 500 people have been packed into the biggest █████ & █████ book store in ███ ████ city.
Swift: Starbase, Swift reporting.
Starbase: Starbase reads you Swift.
Swift: Starbase, I have positive ID on SCP-XXX-3, his face matches the picture perfectly. Target has white hair, left eye is dark green, right is blue. Requesting backup.
Starbase: Mobile task forces Omicron-8 and -9 mobilised. The cavalry is coming Swift.
Swift: I copy Starbase. Requesting permission to pursue XXX-3 personally.
Starbase: You have the authority and blessing of Administrator █████ Swift. Lethal force is authorised but not encouraged.
Swift: Starbase XXX-3 is on the move, exiting the store. I do not – repeat do not have confirmation whether he has distributed XXX-1. I might be needing those cowboys here.
Starbase: Teams are three – say again three minutes out Swift.
[One minute thirty seconds passes with minimal communication]
Swift: Starbase I’ve got a real problem here. I have visual on a male, unknown age, but has long black beard, long black hair, a staff with a crystal and black robes.
Starbase: Any chance it’s a guy in a costume, Swift?
Swift: That’s doubtful Starbase, I’ve talked with the store’s manager and this wasn’t in the game plan.
Starbase: Copy, observe and report. Backup is one – repeat one minute out.
Swift: Starbase I’ve got a bad situation here, switching to external audio feed.
[Voice of unknown elderly male can be heard. The voice is strong, cultured and particular in its pronunciation.]
Elderly Male: Heed me mortals, take to thy knees and bow before a true master of the five majicks unbound!
[Voice of young female is heard.]
Young Female: Excuse me sir, you can’t just cut into line—
[Young Female screams briefly before being cut off by a sound not unlike the detonation of incendiary materials. Crowd is heard to panic and hundreds of stamping feet are heard.
Swift: Starbase I can confirm instance of SCP-XXX-2! Subject is armed and very dangerous! I’m moving in to engage.
Starbase: We copy Swift, backup is on-site and attempting to enter the building. Lethal force is now encouraged.
Swift: [Sounds of physical struggling] If the crowd moved I could shoot the bastard but—-
[Audio deteriorates. Security camera footage shows Agent ███ attempting to move through the crowd and engage SCP-XXX-2. SCP-XXX-2 sweeps his staff repeatedly over the crowd, producing various and lethal effects, including thirty centimetre long ice crystals that cut through multiple people with an 80% wound-to-kill ratio and bolts of lightning whose output is later estimated to be in excess of 10,000 volts. After fifteen seconds of struggling Agent ████ finally breaks free of the crowd and tries to take aim, to which SCP-XXX-2 raises a hand in a claw shape toward his heart. Agent ████ drops his weapon and clutches his chest, and after a moment SCP-XXX-2 wrenches his hand back and Agent ████’s heart bursts free of his ribcage. A moment later MTF Omicron-8 can be seen shooting out the windows and entering the building.]
Omicron -8 actual: Starbase this is -8 Actual. We have breached the perimeter and have eyes on SCP-XXX-2. What is your order?
Starbase: Omicron-8 do you have visual on Agent ████?
Omicron -8 actual: Affirmative…He’s out for the count, Starbase.
Starbase: …we copy. Restrain and contain XXX-2, Omicron team.
Omicron -8 actual: Negative on that Starbase, XXX-2 has vanished, repeat XXX-2 has dematerialised!
Starbase:** Then that means…
Omicron -8 actual: Yes. Someone’s out there with the pendant.

Addendum XXX-1:
Upon molecular analysis of several SCP-XXX-1 objects, Doctors ████ and ██████ discovered what appears to be a message written in molecule-sized particles along the outside ring of the pendant. When translated out of binary code it read:

Faith is the mover of mountains
The brightest fire, the warmest blanket
Faith is the great motivator of our kind
Its loss is the great curse of our time
To save Faith I must shake it
I must manifest the things that break it
Your dreams and fears will come to life
And you will all run back into the light

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