The fall of the powerful. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The wrong man in the worst scenario.

All your life can change in a second, you can win the lottery, a robber can shoot you in the wrong place or like in my case you can be visited for the man that will make you take the most difficult choice in your life.
I was working in the laboratory, it was late and I needed end an experiment to my thesis, my teacher mr. blackwood left me alone because he had work todo as me, and he knew that I was a trusted person, the best of my promotion in physical from Harvard.
I was calibrating the instruments for begin the experiment when he appeared in front of me. He was a elegant man, with a black suit and a grey hat, he seemed a gangster in the thirties.
He went next to me and began to talkwith a very quietly voice :
"Good afternoon, Mr.Samuels, excuse for enter in this way but I need to talk about work with you."
"Yes, what kind of job?" I replied.
In that moment I couldn't trust in the man in front of me, he could be a bodyguard or an actor in an old film but not physical.
"Tell me Mr.Samuels. Do you believe in magic?"
"Sir, if this is a type of joke please stop, I am working." I said with roughness and fatigue
"No, no, it isn't a joke, moreover it's the most serious thing that you will hear in your life" He told me with a voice of a man that seems no have feelings.
"I really want to tell you more but I can't if you doesn't accept the job"
"Ok, I accept"
"Come with me, Mr.Samuels", I have the car out.
We went to the car, a black cadillac of the 80's very clean and polished recently.
We entered and begin to drive to the south.

Where are we going?
To the airport, and then, to the States.
I cant't return to America, I don't finish my studies yet.
Don´t worry about that Mr.Samuels, you won't need that studies

I relaxed a bit

What's the job dealts about?
I suppose that you know who Martin Ericson is.
Yes, is a good friend. why?

He recommended us that you will be a good addition to our… cause.

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