The Freezer of Immortality
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procdeures: SCP XXXX is contained in a 3x3x3m cemented containment room with no windows. It is supplied with 220 volts of electricity at all times for it to keep functioning. Two guards armed with .45 calibers will guard its room . Only Level 3 Personnel and above are allowed to enter its cell. Handling and scheduled maintainance of SCP xxxx will only be done by Class D.

Description: SCP XXXX is a chest freezer manufactured by [REDACTED]. It has stains of [REDACTED] and several scratches on its surface that has been attempted to be remove several times but have failed.

Placing an object in SCP 1234 seems to keep the object in its state when it was first put in 1234 for an indefinite period of time. However, taking the object out of it makes the object age as much time as it had been in 1234 in seconds.

SCP 1234 was recovered ██/ ██/05 from Mr. ██████ house in [REDACTED] when he discovered of its strange properties. Mr. █████ sold it and branded it "The Magic Freezer".The Foundation bought it from him after [DATA EXPUNGED] all other willing buyers and is now located in Site ██.

*██/██/05:* Experiment XXXX-A
Personell placed a middle aged white mouse in SCP XXXX. The white mouse seemed normal, even with the coldness inside the freezer. The mouse was given a relatively large meal 5 times a week. After 18 months, the still living mouse was taken out of the freezer by a Class D following orders from Dr.████. Aging and decomposition of mouse started 10 seconds after it was taken out and ended after 20 seconds.

As the mouse was decomposing during Experiment XXXX-A , the Class D handling it screamed in horror a few inappropriate words before fainting and dropping the skeleton of the mouse. The Class D was assigned to a Keter SCP a few days after the incident.

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