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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXs should be contained in a tank of sea water solution, maintained at 37º. No filtration is necessary as they are capable of keeping the water clean themselves. New water should be added when water levels become low, and humidity should remain at a constant 80%. A single video surveillance camera in the room should be adequate for general security despite the nature of the SCP (see Addendum A). In addition to that, a radio transmitter should be present in the room at all times. For now, the SCP can reside with little to no security, however only level 3 personnel may directly handle XXX.

The containment room should be cleaned every week to prevent mildew buildup as a result of the high humidity.

Due to their own preference, SCP-XXXs would like to be referred to as a group (see Addendum-B). In addition to that, never refer to them as “it.”

Blood should not come anywhere near SCP-XXX. Violators of this rule will be executed.

Description: SCP-XXX is a combination of SCP-XXX-1: numerous entities associated with what appears to be a giant clam, and SCP-XXX-2, an unknown subject within SCP-XXX-1 (see Addendum XXX-C). The clam is pale pink in color and covered in clear crystal-like spikes. The entities attached to the clam appear to be hive minded, as they frequently express similar thoughts at once. The number of “personalities” is unknown at the moment, though a single dominant voice can be heard when communicating with SCP-XXXs. While they make no physical noise, SCP-XXX can communicate through radio waves (see Addendum A).

SCP-XXX was found in ██████, Alaska in July of 20██ after the local citizens reported the murders of seven women within their town. This usually would not attract the attention of the Foundation, but due to the circumstances of the confessions, Foundation personnel were sent to the scene to investigate. After much questioning, a few townsfolk revealed SCP-XXX. Approximately a year prior to the investigation, SCP-XXX was found by the town’s fishermen. The spikes were thought to be of value, and attempts to remove them followed. After making a hairline fracture in the shell, a minor earthquake erupted. Anymore attempts to open the shell were ceased.

Eight weeks after fracturing the shell, four people died of [DATA EXPUNGED] and massive internal bleeding. Townsfolk reported a shift in atmosphere after the fifth victim died of similar causes. Multiple people claimed their thoughts circulated on “pleasing that damn clam.” During this time, citizens reported to have tried numerous ways to “appease” SCP-XXX. A woman described voices in her head that commanded her give SCP-XXX fresh blood. Several more civilians would confess similar thoughts. Virgin sacrifices took place to keep SCP-XXX “content.” Every full moon, the locals would take a random female virgin and bring her before the altar constructed for SCP-XXX. She was then [DATA EXPUNGED] for two hours before her blood was poured over the shell of SCP-XXX. After these sacrifices took place, villagers reported a feeling of “peace and tranquility.” The random deaths of townspeople stopped.

Seven months after the initial sacrifice, the villagers began to notice a feeling of clarity. A townsman described it as “though a huge cloud was removed from our minds.” Apparent remorse for their actions compelled the entire town to report the crimes.

Addendum A: Research Assistant ████████ attempted to photograph SCP-XXX for filing purposes. The resulting developed photos showed XXX’s ability to not be recorded in any way. Video surveillance of XXX’s arrival at Facility-██ has the same results: the cart on which XXX was carried appears empty.

Addendum B: A nearby radio started transmitting strange noises upon SCP-XXX’s arrival. Further investigation revealed them to belong to XXX themselves. A short recording of XXX’s communication is available here as well as a close transcript below:

<Begin Log>
SCP-XXX: (static) The villagers broke the mother shell, and so IT escaped. IT turned the villagers insane. IT made the villagers give us blood. IT craves
blood. IT feeds on blood. IT feeds on fear. (unintelligible). We crave blood because we tasted blood but do not give into our demands. We can keep IT
safe. We will keep IT locked in the mother shell. Do not break the mother shell. We have IT under control. We are sorry for (unintelligible). We are thirsty. > So thirsty. But do not give us blood. We love blood. But we hate blood.
<End Log>

It appears when the locals cracked the shell, SCP-XXX-2 was released. That brings up a whole new set of questions… what is this thing, and what is it capable of? – Dr. ████████

Addendum C: Dr. ████████ suggested an interview with SCP-XXX-1 after revelations of SCP-XXX-2’s existence.

<Begin Log>
Dr. ████████: Can you tell us more about “it?”
SCP-XXX: It is within the mother shell.
Dr. ████████: What is it doing there?
SCP-XXX: We are keeping it there.
Dr. ████████: What is it capable of?
SCP-XXX: IT turned the villagers insane. IT craves blood and blood keeps IT strong. We hate blood, but we love blood. We crave blood because IT makes us crave blood. We can resist though. We can keep IT locked within. (XXX-1 continues to repeat details for the next two minutes.)
Dr. ████████: After “it” escaped, how did you contain “it” again?
SCP-XXX: We repaired the mother shell. We sealed the fissure that released a small part of IT. We sealed IT back into the mother shell. IT is strong now because of the blood it made us consume. But the mother shell is stronger. We keep it locked.
Dr. ████████: Only small part of “it” escaped? What would happen if all if “it” escaped?
SCP-XXX: (silent for a moment. Static builds up) IT wants blood. We are thirsty.
Dr. ████████: Are humans in any kind of danger?
SCP-XXX: (silent for four seconds) [DATA EXPUNGED]. We have IT locked away. Do not break the mother shell. Do not break the mother shell. We are thirsty.
(SCP-XXX continues to express their thirst and refuses to answer any more questions)
<End Log>

It appears there is little we can do to help XXX-1 in preventing XXX-2 from escaping, aside from keeping the shell perfectly safe. However, XXX-1 has been showing hints of XXX-2 becoming weaker; they whine about craving blood less and less. Keter reclassification not necessary. –Dr.

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