The House

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid


Special Containment Procedures: Scp-XXXX Has a Steel door with a magnetic lock covering the only entrance. All windows are closed off by a one (1) inch thick sheet of Steel. You need a level two (2) clearance to enter the house for research, otherwise none permitted.

Description: Scp-XXXX Is approximately thirty (30) feet in height, forty five (45) feet in width, and forty (40) feet depth. Some aspects of the exterior design of Scp-XXXX date back to as far as Britain 1600 A.D. to as current as American 1925 A.D. No confirmation of the date it was built. The interior design looks like a house built in America, around the time of the mid 1800’s (1850) mostly.

When in the threshold of the house, all standard audio and video feed are cut off. When upon exiting the house, all audio/video will function properly again. Lights also have no effect in the house, although there are lights and light switches (none of which work) in all explored rooms of the house.

No matter whether there is clear daylight or complete darkness, the house is dark on the inside; very little natural light will shed into the house from the door or windows.

Reports from personnel say that you can here certain sounds such as tapping, at about two (2) taps per second at about three (3) seconds at a time. Also short, quick whispers, forming what sounds like words, but can never be made out. Faint images of people and animal-istic looking things. When inside the house for more than a half an hour, brain trauma and deranged thoughts will occur.

If over an hour in the house, persons will develop an extreme case of agoraphobia and will not exit the house by any means. They also will not eat or sleep, and eventually die from either hunger, thirst, or fatigue. If subject is retrieved from the house BEFORE fifty (50) minutes, they will be fantasized with the the mutilation of human bodies, extreme suicidal or homicidal thoughts and the torture of humans beings.

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