The Intellectual
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SCP-1496 before containment.

Item #: SCP-1496

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1496, known to call itself Reginald, is to be housed in a standard containment chamber with a small bookcase containing a various assortment of fictional literature. Access to the subject is granted to all personnel.

If SCP-1496 requests to leave containment, due to the nature of its appearance, personnel are to politely deny in most circumstances. Visitors are advised not to intentionally upset the subject during their stay. SCP-1496 is to be provided with an assortment of vegetables and a kettle of tea when requested.

At this time, historical or factual literature is not to be added to SCP-1496's library.

Description: SCP-1496 is a quadruped creature around 3 meters in length. It is highly intelligent, capable of speech, and has been shown to enjoy verbal contact with research personnel. It manipulates objects with a prehensile tongue, and is a strict vegetarian. Several sample tests have determined that the bulges on the subject's back are filled with mucus, and have yet to burst or change in any way since containment. The black liquid that occasionally leaks from SCP-1496's mouth is saliva, and poses no immediate threat to personnel.

SCP-1496 seems to have great patience, and has never been observed to be angry, despite extensive testing. The subject seems to grow distraught when faced with something it dislikes, however, including topics of discussion. (See Addendum 1496-A). Typical signs of SCP-1496 being upset include a degradation of speech and an increase in saliva production. The subject does not appear to sleep, and is typically seen standing idle in its containment chamber or reading one of the books from its library.

Due to SCP-1496's adverse reaction to the subject of firearms and other harmful devices, there is no evidence to support that it is particularly resistant to damage. Due to the nature of its personality and its classification, tests of this nature will not be performed in the foreseeable future.

Addendum 1496-A: Interview with SCP-1496.

Dr. ███: May we begin?

SCP-1496: Certainly.

Dr. ███: What is your name?

SCP-1496: I am SCP-1496. You can call me Reginald.

Dr. ███: Ok, Reginald, where are you from?

SCP-1496: (No verbal communication, subject appears slightly distressed)

Dr. ███: Are you ok? …Where are you from?

SCP-1496: (Subject's distress increases) We change question now?

Dr. ███: Alright…Do you know why you are here?

SCP-1496 Me not-(Subject pauses, making a gurgle in its throat)-I am not like you. You and your people, they are afraid of me. That is why I am here.

Dr. ███: That's all for now, thank you.

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