The Invincible Man
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Item #: SCP-1926

Object Class: Staff/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1926 should be provided a standard humanoid containment block furnished with 1 (one) Standard Bed, 1 (one) Cubical Desk, Standard Cubical Equipment (Including Computer, Printer, Papers, Pens), and 1 () Filing Cabinet with needed SCP Documents.

The entity is allowed to go outside the containment area and into other parts of Site-██ provided it doesn't go outside site grounds.

If the entity leaves Site-██ It must be subdued and brought back to the containment block.


SCP-1926 appears to be a Caucasian male human, who is about 24 years of age. The entity has Black hair and blue eyes. The Entity seems to have a great liking for suits claiming that "It cuts down the amount of pranksters who kill me for fun; I mean come on; would you kill a man in a suit?"

The subject is able to regenerate to full health, and is unable to die. If the subject is destroyed beyond repair it will simply grow back. The subject seems to be fully aware that it has been injured stating "It hurts, just a little though" Subject seems to be capable of using all limbs even when disconnected from his body. He is also capable of using items as makeshift limbs and is able to reattach limbs at will.

The Entity came to the Foundations attention when He was transferred from prisons at the age of 18. His file stated that he had killed a student when he was 16, with a pencil.

Addendum: Due to the nature of the subject's power, in exchange for staff membership, SCP-1926 has agreed to be used as a "Invincible D-Class"

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