The Jumping Verse
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Item #: SCP-1755

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The anomaly is to be contained in a 15 x 15 meter room, with 2 meters of soundproofing on each wall, and each wall is required to be 2 meter thick concrete. The door is to be an airlock, with a heavy iron door entering the airlock, and then another door of the same into the containment area, which cannot be opened without the other door being closed tightly, and triple checked. Both doors are to be equipped with soundproofing. Only level 4 personnel can access SCP-1755.

Any person who enters the containment area is to be provided with Class-A amnesiacs before leaving the airlock, and before the door to the containment area is closed off. The airlock is then to be cleansed using loud metal music after both doors are closed. Only then is the subject allowed out, after double-checking for any musical noise coming from the person. If there is noise, then restart the cleansing process from the administration of the amnesiac.
All cameras are to be without sound recording equipment, and no sound recording equipment is allowed into the containment area.

Maintenance should happen as needed, with either having ‘bait’ for SCP-1755, or with all workers wearing earplugs.

Description: SCP-1755 is a free floating noise, seemingly coming from no source, taking the form of a classical-like song, in the style of Beethoven, as described by those affected by the anomaly. When a person is exposed to the area SCP-1755 is contained in, it will infect that person -and leave alone all others. It may only affect one person at a time - which will begin humming, singing, tapping, or some other method of musical expression, the song that is normally floating. In this time, it does not float freely, although recording it is still very dangerous.

The subject becomes adverse to all other rhythmic music, especially modern music such as metal, rap, or dubstep. It will attempt to flee the area, and if it cannot, it will attempt to destroy the source of the music. In the case that it cannot do either, it will begin to claw at its ears; if left unchecked, it shall tear them off. When being compelled to take these actions, subject shows increased strength due to heightened adrenaline in the system.

The danger of recording devices is that when the recorded music is played, it will jump to that location and be free floating again. This has the opportunity for many containment breaches. If it currently inhabits a human, it will leave the subject for favor of a new area. The source of the music is unknown, as is the motivation for it to hop from person to person.

Addendum-1755-01: SCP-1755 cannot affect anyone when its intensity is under 10 decibels, so it has a maximum range of 317 meters from its center. At one meter away, it has an intensity of 60 dB in all normal situations. It can be amplified, however, which makes recordings all the more dangerous.

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