The Devil's Right Hand
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Item #: SCP-XTST

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XTST is to be kept locked in a storage vault at Site ███. The vault must be at least 0.5x0.5x0.5 meters in size (Interior Measurements), and be proof against small arms fire from both the exterior and interior. SCP-XTST will have its action hindered by a breech lock, and the object should always be placed with the barrel facing the back of the vault. Special Containment Procedures changed due to new understanding of SCP-XTST's function.

SCP-XTST is to be kept locked in a decommissioned small arms range at Site ███. All testing is to take place in this range, which has been chosen to limit SCP-XTST's transport time. SCP-XTST will not have its action hindered by any means. SCP-XTST will be securely fastened to a Firearm Discharge Barrel, with the object being aimed into the barrel. This barrel will be filled with rubber and sand to absorb discharges from SCP-XTST.

All personnel assigned with SCP-XTST will be required to go through remedial small arms training every month, focusing primarily on safety. Displayed or recorded proficiency does not exclude personnel from this training.

Unless testing explicitly requires it, no more than one person is ever allowed into SCP-XTST's containment area at a time. All personnel, unless testing explicitly requires it, are to wear full ballistic helmets and vest while in SCP-XTST's testing area. Additional coverage suggested but not required.

Description: SCP-XTST is a Colt M1911 pistol, estimated to have been manufactured between 1919 and 1922. The pistol is in good condition, considering its age, but does show signs of wearing. Multiple tests have shown that SCP-XTST is susceptible to damage in multiple forms, to include heat and abrasion. The object does not appear to degrade due to its own operation. The recoil spring has been replaced, indicating that at some time this may not have been true.

SCP-XTST was found by Foundation agents at what is now Site ███. During the initial recon to discover if this site was suitable for Foundation personnel, Agent ██████ was shot and died (Blood Loss and Liver Failure). While performing an investigation of his death, SCP-XTST was found in a crate. The initial investigation, and all details pertaining to the deaths of 13 Foundation personnel during said investigation, can be found in Addendum XTST-001.

SCP-XTST displays several abilities that are not present in any of the more mundane versions of itself, or any other firearm. SCP-XTST cannot (Barring disassembly or destruction) be caused to cease functioning. The safety of the pistol has been shown to be ineffective. Obtrusions placed in the barrel, magazine well, bolt, or other location inside the pistol remain effective until the opportunity for SCP-XTST's more curious abilities to manifest present themselves - At this point, such measures are useless. Anything hindering the operation of the weapon is reduced to dust and ejected from the weapon. Researchers report seeing no obvious cause - The material simple collapses into a fine dust. This type of event has also been observed to occur behind SCP-XTST's slide, to allow for movement during recoil.

SCP-XTST is also capable of creating its own ammunition. When loaded with ammunition provided by Foundation testers, the pistol will use this ammunition, unless such ammunition proves to be less desirable then standard Full Metal Jacket .45 ACP. Loading SCP-XTST with blanks, fake rounds, or custom loaded, extremely low velocity ammunition simply results in SCP-XTST obliterating the ammunition through the process described above, and replacing it with its standard rounds. It is not know where these rounds come from, but testing of the projectiles, powder residue, and casings indicate they were manufactured in the late 1930's. The ammunition created cannot be tested or observed before firing - the rounds come into creation at the instant SCP-XTST fires.

SCP-XTST is incapable of being fired by an individual. All attempts to fire on inanimate or living (Human and Animal) has resulted in misfire. SCP-XTST can, however, fire itself. While doing so, all normal operations of a M1911 (Trigger pull, hammer motion, slide recoil) take place. When fired, SCP-XTST shows no special ballistics qualities - Whatever ammunition is projected from the weapon operates within +-5% of the ballistic qualities (Velocity, expansion, penetration) that can be expected. While it is unclear what force compels the weapon to fire, the initial testing of SCP-XTST showed that the cause is always the same - SCP-XTST will only fire when it is guaranteed to kill someone, and will always fire when it is exposed to such a condition.

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