The Library
SCP-1327, prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-1327

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-1327's immobility, Site-43 has been constructed around it, disguised as a large warehouse to divert unnecessary attention. Two guards are to be stationed at the main entrance, with a third at the rear entrance. All researchers interested in entering SCP-1327 must read the required texts on safety procedures beforehand, and must be accompanied by at least one Level 2/1327 researcher. No item(s), literary or otherwise, are to be removed from SCP-1327 without first receiving permission from SCP-1327-1.

Description: SCP-1327 is a large, mid-Victorian-style library originating from the late 1800's, located in ██████, England. Within the structure are multiple reading rooms, an extensive card catalogue, and the archives, which contains the majority of the books, with frequently posted signs printed with the words "Observe silence!". SCP-1327 somehow makes usage of non-euclidean space within the geometry of its bookshelves, in that they hold more books than has been deemed possible. Cross-referencing between the card catalogue and the books contained within SCP-1327 show that books have somehow been added to the library since its abandonment, such as [REDACTED], written after SCP-1327 came into Foundation control. How this is achieved is currently unknown. Despite the age of many of the texts, none of them show normal signs of age, such as yellowed paper or faded ink. In addition, despite the ██ years of its abandonment, the structure is completely free of dust and vermin, and remains in good condition.

An unnatural silence is pervasive within SCP-1327, and sounds normally seen as quiet are amplified, although this is unexplained, as the structure itself seems to lack acoustic properties. In addition speech, humming, whistling, and other verbal utterances exceeding ██.█ decibels have consistently caused [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in the death of the speaker. The same has been observed to apply to any unnecessarily loud sounds, such as stomping, clapping, et cetera. How SCP-1327 detects, or determines the loudness of these sounds is currently unknown, as SCP-1327 lacks auditory monitoring devices of any sort.

Occasionally manifesting within the library is a middle-aged woman, 1.65m tall, with brown hair kept in a bun, clothed in the style typical of the mid-1800's, referred to as SCP-1327-1. SCP-1327-1, while visible, tangible, and capable of manipulating objects within the library, is not detectable by any electronic method, with images and readings showing no results. SCP-1327's tendency to kill anyone who speaks above a whisper is not extended to SCP-1327-1, who can, and has spoken in a normal, and sometimes raised volume without consequence. In addition, this effect seems to be shared with persons speaking to SCP-1327-1. SCP-1327-1 seems to have an innate understanding of the impossible space the bookshelves rely upon, and can accurately give the location of any book within the library. SCP-1327-1, if aware of the nature of the library, either does not know or does not care. Multiple interviews suggest that she is unaware of her state.

Books and other texts can be lent out for periods of up to seven days, with permission from SCP-1327-1. Persons attempting to remove items from the library without permission, upon touching the handle of any exit, are [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED], emerging from the SCP-1327 █ hours later with multiple traumas, and all books returned to their appropriate shelves. Attempts by these persons to reenter SCP-1327 at any time have proven to be impossible. The same events have been observed to happen to individuals who attempt to vandalize SCP-1327, or return books later than the seven day limit.

SCP-1327 was abandoned in 1███, with all contents left inside, due to multiple cases of unexplained civilian deaths, bringing the building to the attention of the Foundation.

Dr. ██████: What happened when you entered SCP-1327?
Agent ██████: It was a goddamn massacre in there. █████ and █████████ went in first, with me and ██████ following. Everything seemed… louder when we got in. Like, you could drop a pin across the room and still hear it.
We began to search the first floor for possible bio's, in case recon was wrong, you never know. I heard █████ say "Clear," and suddenly he was screaming bloody murder.
Dr. ██████: Did you see what was happening?
Agent ██████: No, I was in a room across the hall. ██████ was with him, started freaking out when it happened. He was next. █████████ said "What the [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] was that?!", I guess he saw what happened.
After he stopped screaming, everything went quiet, and I began to look around. I kept quiet too, figured that whatever did that to them was still around. I guess that's what saved me.
Dr. ██████: Did you find your squad mates?
Agent ██████: Yeah, I found them alright. They were [DATA EXPUNGED]'d, like, they didn't even have a chance. After that, I got the hell out of there.
Dr. ██████: Thank you for your time, Agent ██████.
End Log
Later investigations revealed no traces of Agents █████, █████████, or ███████.

Dr. ███████: SCP-1327-1?
SCP-1327-1: I simply cannot comprehend why you persist in calling me that! I'm a librarian, not some dusty old file to be numbered.
Dr. ███████: …Alright, then. What is your name?
SCP-1327-1: We're hardly on a first-name basis, sir. However, if you must know, you may refer to me as Miss ███████████.
Dr. ███████: How did you come to be here?
SCP-1327-1: Did you not hear me correctly? I'm a librarian. I work here.
Dr. ███████: Do you know what year it is?
SCP-1327-1: *clearly exasperated* You are wasting my time, mister ███████! I am rather busy at the moment, and I don't need your pointless questions right now!
Dr. ███████: Ma'am, in case you haven't noticed, we are the first people to be here in ██ years. Don't you find this odd?
SCP-1327-1: What on Earth are you talking about? [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] were checking out books from here only yesterday.
End Log

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