Love the Worm...
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SCP-1142 in holding cell.

Item #: SCP-1142

Object Class: Eulicid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1142 is to kept in enclosed 1mx2m room with automatically locking door.

SCP-142 is to be fed one (1) average serving of ████ ████ per day. Feeders are not to spend more than 5 minutes at a time in subject’s cell. Second staff member is required to be stationed outside of room and monitor feeder for overly affectionate behavior. Feeders are required to operate in alternating daily shifts.

Description: SCP-1142 is a roughly 1-metre long discolored grub or worm-like creature described by most observers as visually unappealing. Carnivorous, it feeds by dissolving meat by spraying acid on it and consuming the resulting slurry through a proboscis. However, prolonged exposure to the subject has resulted in high amounts of affection towards 1142, which may manifest in actions such as petting, cuddling and cooing the subject.

Repeated exposure leads to the individual becoming increasingly obsessed with 1142. Feeders have reported seeing the subject behind their reflections in mirrors and in the backgrounds of photographs and video recordings, though no one has seen it in the same subject, even when exposed to it at the same time for the same duration. It is also known to appear in dreams. The afflicted person will seek to spend more and more time with 1142 and become aggressive and defensive when questioned on the matter.

Eventually, a desire to free the subject will become irresistible, which has to date resulted in 5 attempts to smuggle it out of the facility. In all cases, the smuggler has ignored orders or negotiations and has met attempts to take 1142 from them with varying levels of violence.

Addendum SCP-142-1: ███ █████ fled facility in possession of 1142 into surrounding area. Was discovered 5 days later still in the company of subject and missing several ██████, later determined to be the result of self mutilation. SCP-1142 was ██████.

Addendum SCP-1142-2: ████ █████ attempted to exit facility with 1142 concealed under her clothing. Violently resisted restraint and fled into adjacent SCP cell. █████ was killed while using her body as a physical shield to protect 1142 from harm.

Addendum SCP-1142-3: ███ ██████ entered infirmary complaining of stomach pains. A body scan revealed the presence of several ███ in patient's stomach. Attempt at removal resulted in violent ruptures of ███ and patient's death. A search of ██████'s quarters uncovered an SCP-1142 hidden in the wardrobe.

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