The Master Key
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a conventional combination locked safe in specialized containment room RXXX at Sector-██. RXXX is to have no keyholes or hinged doors, entry is to be by card locked sliding door only. Requests to use SCP-XXX should be directed to Dr. T████ 2/XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX is a golden key with the word "MASTER" inscribed on one side and the words "DUPLICATION PROHIBITED" on the other. These have proven not to be empty words, as all attempts to duplicate the object have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED].

When inserted into the keyhole of a hinged door and turned, the door is unlocked. Size is no barrier to insertion. However, unless the person using the object thinks of the area that is physically behind the door, the door will instead open to the area that is thought of.

During test XXX-24, Researcher █████ 1/XXX (a meditation practitioner) entered a meditative trance in order to "think of nothing" prior to opening the test door.

The test door opened to an unoccupied motel room (now designated SCP-XXX-2). The room is furnished with: one (1) queen size bed, one (1) clothes dresser, one (1) television set circa 19██, two (2) bedside tables, one of which contains a copy of the Bible (printed in 19██), one (1) telephone, two (2) table lamps, one (1) floor lamp, one (1) circular table, and two (2) chairs.

The attached bathroom contains: one (1) porcelain toilet, one (1) standing sink, one (1) shower stall, one (1) towel rack, containing four (4) towels and four (4) washcloths, and one (1) mirror/medicine cabinet, containing four (4) miniature bars of soap, four (4) miniature bottles of shampoo, and one medicine bottle containing █████.

Two windows, made of frosted glass, are set on opposite sides of the entrance door. Vague shapes can occasionally be seen moving outside the room, no attempts at communication have been acknowledged.

All objects in SCP-XXX-2 bear no manufacturer's marks and show no anomalous effects, other than that of the room itself.

SCP-XXX-2, has shown to be completely indestructible. This was first discovered during an attempt to remove the windows, so as to gain access to the area outside. Bullets simply stop upon meeting it, flames do not burn, excessive blunt force halts with no recoil, and a test implementing SCP-313 resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED].

All water fixtures work as expected, the television can be turned on (though no signal can be received, even when broadcast from inside the room), and the telephone has a dial tone (however, no calls can be placed to or from it). No GPS or other form of tracking signal can be sent or received from inside.

Additionally, no object originating from SCP-XXX-2 can be removed from it. All attempts at removal have resulted in the object stopping at the threshold of the doorway.

Addendum: After Incident IXXX-3, SCP-XXX is to remain in SCP-XXX-2 while Foundation personnel and equipment are inside. No D-Class personnel are to have possession of SCP-XXX.

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