The Minstrel
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SCP-XXX separated from SCP-XXX-1

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-1 is to be held in a secure sound-proof room in Site-██. Personnel entering SCP-XXX-1’s chamber must wear approved sound-proof head gear. Interviews may be conducted by supplying SCP-XXX-1 with a background cancelling microphone or by remote conference. Subject shows no desire to escape, but, should an attempt be made, security personnel are advised to use non-lethal force at all costs.

Description: SCP-XXX and SCP-XXX-1 were found on the corner of [DATA EXPUNGED] after increased reports of "mysterious disappearances" in the surrounding area. An attempt was made to question the subject when agents heard “strange music” being played. SCP-XXX-1 initially did not respond. However, the subject soon regained lucidity and asked to be taken into custody. A five(5) year old female was reported missing from the immediate area within thirty minutes of apprehension.

SCP-XXX is a wooden cittern of indeterminate age with a standard "garlic clove" body shape. Study of the object is made difficult by its properties, but researchers have determined, with the cooperation of SCP-XXX-1, that SCP-XXX is mostly composed of polished cedar with strings that appear to contain both cat gut and █████ ████. The object is immovable by any means other than being lifted by SCP-XXX-1 and is resistant to crushing force, burning and [REDACTED].

SCP-XXX-1 is a 40 year old Caucasian male with brown eyes and long brown hair. Subject has an average build and has been described as “bohemian” in appearance and fashion. SCP-XXX-1 claims to have no prior knowledge of how to play a cittern even though performances suggest a moderate amount of skill. If separated from SCP-XXX, SCP-XXX-1 will initially experience mild anxiety. This will slowly escalate over the span of 2 hours to a frenzied need to hold SCP-XXX, even leading the subject to injure himself in attempts to reach it. Sedatives have been mildly useful in calming the subject, but the effects seem to be inversely proportionate to the amount of time SCP-XXX-1 spends separated from the object.

When an appropriate victim is listening, SCP-XXX will enter an active state. During this time SCP-XXX-1 will be compelled to play the object until the active phase is complete and will refuse to take even life-sustaining action during this time. The music played during this active phase has been described by both D-class personnel that survived initial testing and the agents that made initial contact as the musical equivalent of their current surroundings, claiming to be able to “hear” objects such as buildings and furniture. Remote viewers and those listening to recordings of SCP-XXX are unaffected.

SCP-XXX will then choose a subject from those listening. It has not been determined how SCP-XXX chooses it's targets. This subject will begin to dance. The choreography varies, but researchers have determined that the style is similar to country dances performed in 16th century █████. After approximately one(1) minute an entity will appear, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXX-2. SCP-XXX-2 is a being of varying gender, age, and appearance, depending on the chosen target. Those directly affected by SCP-XXX are completely unaware of the fact that the entity ever existed and, therefore, it has only been observed by remote viewers. Both the SCP-XXX-2 and the target will then bow and begin to perform the allemande (a popular 16th century court dance). This will continue for approximately five(5) minutes, at which point SCP-XXX-2 and the chosen target will vanish. Both the appearance and disappearance of SCP-XXX-2 has yet to be observed as SCP-XXX-2 seems to be aware of cameras and will move into a blind spot before vanishing. Attempts to use cameras at multiple angles have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. As soon as SCP-XXX-2 and the target are gone SCP-XXX-1 will stop playing.

Between active states of SCP-XXX, SCP-XXX-1 performs original works, suggesting a minor amount of control over the talent granted by the object. These songs are almost universally ballads with the protagonists being previous victims of SCP-XXX. The subject seems to be aware of the names of those effected by the object regardless of previous acquaintance. The tales have varying themes and plots, but are always portrayed as taking place in the fictional land of Mir. These songs have been deemed safe, but personnel are urged to use standard precautions to avoid exposure to an active state. See Transcript-Log-XXX-A.

Interview XXX-32983-09766

Addendum XXX-01: Recommend precautions against suicide of subject due to unknown means of object’s transference.

Addendum XXX-02: Due to the recent events, recommend expansion of perimeter around SCP-XXX's chamber until improvements are made to the walls to avoid low decibel exposure.

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