The "Not So Shy Guy"

Item #:SCP-096-J
Object Class:Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:Item SCP-096-J is to be kept in a chamber the same way as its counterpart, SCP-096. In the event of an epic breach, MTF-Tau-1 is to respond immediately. If SCP-096 and 096-J escapes at the same time, then seperate the group into halves.
Description:SCP-096-J is the same as SCP-096. However, when someone keeps their eyes off of it for more than 10 seconds, it will enter a happy stage. After one minute of laughing, it will drop its jaw and run to whoever kept their eyes off of it. When it reaches its victim, SCP-096-J-1, it will do bad activities with SCP-096-J-1, and anyone within 50 feet from SCP-096-J-1 will be dragged and forced to watch by an unseen force. SCP-096-J-1 will then run back to its chamber, where it will sit down and do nothing.

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