The Obsidian Beast

Currently a first draft. The following entry is a creature I created for the purpose of a Call of Cthulhu campaign spanning three sessions. Submitting it to SCP community members for their critique and possible inclusion.

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained in a room 12.5 meters by 10.5 meters of High carbon steel 20 centimeters thick and lined with rough granite tiles each being 12 centimeters thick. No guards or personnel are to remain within 15 meters of the room's security door for more than 42 seconds outside of scheduled testing and experimentation sessions. Personal of any clearance found in contempt of this order will be detained and undergo extensive psychological screening until it is assured no irregularities in the personnel's behavior has occurred. The room is to be kept in absolute darkness at all times except during scheduled testing and experimentation sessions, during these sessions, all personnel are to enter with no reflective surface of any kind on their person. Non-reflective eye wear is to be worn at all times, previous incidents have occurred where the mere reflection in an individual's eyes were enough to cause a catastrophic breakdown of security within the facility hours after a session with SCP-XXX. If there is any failure to comply with these dress and equipment regulations testing is to cease immediately and the reflective surfaces are to be removed from any light source and kept in total darkness for no less than 24 hours. A shroud with absolute impermeability to light is to be kept over SCP-XXX at all times with the room as an extra precaution, SCP-XXX has been documented as being able to produce its own light source.

Description: SCP-XXX is a thin rectangular slab of obsidian 1.55 meters tall, 0.45 meters wide and 0.15 meters thick. The slab of obsidian is perfectly smooth and casts a reflection just as any commonly manufactured mirror of its size would. The mirror is affixed to a weathered bronze frame and stand, manufactured and installed by the previous owner of SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX is associated with SCP-XXX-α, a pseudo-humanoid entity that resides within and in proximity of SCP-XXX. The only recorded documentation of SCP-XXX-α is from limited eye witness accounts of test subjects involved in trials with SCP-XXX. There is currently a 86% fatality rate among those who claim to have witnessed SCP-XXX-α, only 23% of personnel involved in tests with SCP-XXX report perceiving SCP-XXX-α at all. All reports are consistent, an approximately seven foot all creature, with two legs, two arms, a torso and a head. The body is described to one of medium build, but consisting of a body made from a material with a texture similar to obsidian rock. The exoderm appears as overlapping shards of rock that create numerous barbs in a synchronous pattern reminiscent of a porcupine. The feet and hands, although each containing 5 digits, are likewise described as talons, over sized and apparently intended as weapons rather than tactile and tool operating appendages. Discription of SCP-XXX-α's head is when consistent reporting breaks down. Most personnel regress into post traumatic relapses during recollection, however, from many different fragmented reports the head is described as human shaped, albeit lacking ears, but also being completely smooth and featureless. There are two red spheres, appearing as though they are under an obsidian plate that is SCP-XXX-α's head. Some personnel have reported that SCP-XXX-α posses a mouth, at the approximate location of a normal human's mouth, the obsidian plate separates with the sound of breaking and tearing glass and reveals a ring of jagged shards of obsidian glass reminiscent of teeth.

To be continued…

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