The Order of Belphegor

Reports have recently surfaced regarding a so-called religious organization known as the Order of Belphegor; according to these reports, the Order promises “salvation from all Earthly pains” to those in possession of “rare and holy artifacts”. The OoB caters mainly to rich clientelle suspected of possessing SCPs; potential recruits for the “congregation” are advised to send any rare and unusual items they have to a vault belonging to “the High Prophet of Belphegor”. Inquiries as to a possible relationship between the Order of Belphegor and Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd have proven fruitless so far.

On 11/██/20██, a television ad campaign using commercials similar to those created by the █████ ██ ██████████ for their main text, █████████. An individual believed to be the High Prophet of Belphagor was the central figure in each commercial, promising his followers a "new state of being, free from pain, suffering and fear".

The ad campaign led the Foundation to install surveilance cameras and other equipment in a building designated as the “Temple of Belphegor” within the commercials, in the hopes of learning more about this organization. After █ weeks of surveilance, the building was vaccated by the Order, prompting the Foundation to recover the footage. The content of the recovered film has since been viewed and verified by Overwatch, General Bowe and many of the Foundation’s senior staff members. The footage reveales that the Order of Belphegor is not actually a cult or religious group; events and conversations captured by the footage suggests that the Order is, for all intents and purposes, a front organization for an as-yet unknown party. Attendees to the Order’s services, known as Gatherings of the Chosen, are manipulated by the High Prophet of Belphegor into surrendering any items of interest to the group by means of psychoactive drugs added into the food and drinks consumed during the Gathering. First-time attendees are often abused in full view of the “brethren”, with some being taken to “purification chambers”. None of the attendees taken to “be purified” were seen leaving the Gathering, and no remains, SCPs or “donations” have been recovered from the building formerly used as the Temple of Belphegor.

Further investigation pending O-5 level approval.

[Potential SCPs:
Crown of Lies (probably change the name to avoid referencing the Marvel Legends Loki figure), allows the High Prophet to control the masses
Something that wouldn't look out of place in an ordinary church, but has the ability to inspire fanatical worship of whoever wields it]

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