The Perfect World

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Level 3 clearance is required to test SCP-XXX, any test subject that has read past Chapter 2 is expected to take a psychological exam, Reading past Chapter 3 requires a psychological exam, no requirement is needed for reading past Chapter 4 (see T03).

Description: SCP-XXX , The words "The Perfect World" written in size 16 times new roman, letters colored Blue, with an simple image of a unnamed fictional flower painted on the green paper cover marked to have been written by a J.D.L, regardless of who holds it stays consistently 560 pages. In other words unremarkable, with a basic and by some staff considered a "cheesy" title. First catching the attention of Agent ████ who came across the book in ██████, Iowa. The Liberian had been planning to sell the book after her late husband ███████, was found dead of a ██████ with the book laying open on the ground, blank. While this discouraged Agent ████, a short skimming of the first chapter was considered enjoyable so he purchased the book at the price of Ten U.S.D (10$).

The special properties of the book were not noticed until later when his daughter ████ read the first few chapters, giving a conflicting story to what the Agent remembered reading of the first chapter, after complaining about a "Creepy feeling" from the book after reaching chapter 3. The Agent after mild confusion decided to look at the book again pointing to his daughter at a opening starting in 'The street lights gave off a haze in the smog lined streets.' While the daughter argued being "absolutely positive" that the story didn't look anything like that before.
On ██/0█/1████, Two (2) days after the time that the argument was said to take place, Agent ████ reported her daughter missing. Detectives were sent in finding no hints from neighbors or her friends about where she had gone.

On ██/0█/1█, Four (4) days later Agent ████ was also reported missing by his wife, while staff was bothered by the missing Agent, it was considered higher priority to remove any classified substances from Agent ████ house.

On ██/0█/1█, it was discovered that several members of the cleanup crew had stolen items from the house, while this normally would be grounds for minor ██████ given the items stolen being relatively useless, yet it was reported after one (1) of the cleanup crew who had decided to steal SCP-XXX had, as a witness reported, after reading to chapter 3 being unable to speak properly, then as his co-worker said "Exploded!" as he stopped replying.

The book was taken and is currently under study. SCP-XXX, study pending

Addendum A: In order to test the quality's of SCP-XXX, and with no knowledge of what happens other then its attachment to two (2) disappearances and two (2) deaths, reading will be tested on D class personnel. While they have been informed that the Book has strange property's, they are simply told that it changes, and not of any discovered reactions from reading SCP-XXX.

Interviewed: D-1342

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: D-1342, Female, Caucasian, 5'10, 180 pounds, 26 years of age, █ accounts of murder. Tested under Dr. █████ who was regarded as expendable.

<Begin Log, T01>
Dr. █████ : Now, can I ask for you to read page ten (10) for me?

D-1342:(Pages are quickly flipped) The page is blank.

Dr. █████ : Are you sure?

D-1342: Nothing, see for yourself. (Attempts to show the page to Dr. █████)

Dr. █████ : I will take your word for it (Dr. █████ closed eyes when the page was shown to him.)

D-1342: (four minutes pass) This is pretty good, do you think I could keep it?

Dr. █████ : Your permitted to read it in here and that is all.

D-1342: Then the mother died, the world changing for the worse in ██████'s mind, as if he had been shot in the gut.

Dr. █████ : What is that?

D-1342: Page ten, like you asked me to read out.

Dr. █████ : Oh, go on then.

D-1342: [REDACTED]

Dr. █████ : Thank you, that will be all.

D-1342: Can a barrow this?

Dr. █████ : No.

D-1342: But I want to know what happens to ██████.

Dr. █████ : You might get to in another test.

D-1342: Just a little more?

Dr. █████ : SCP-XXX must remain contained for now.

D-1342: Shame…

<End Log>*

Closing Statement: Subject D-1342 continued to ask about SCP-XXX for the next hour mildly before reverted back to original personality, when asked what Subject D-1342 thought of the book, it was described as "Exciting" before going into a fit of cursing at staff. A psychological exam turned up no signs of adverse side effects, yet D-1342 continued to have an interest in the book.

Interviewed: D-1322

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: D-1322 Male, African, 6'3, 193.4 pounds, 34 years of age, █ attempts of cannibalism. Dr. █████ requested a two (2) way glass screen between himself and the test subject. Accepted.

<Begin Log, T02>

Dr. █████ : Can you read to chapter 3 please?

D-1322: I would like a better chair…

Dr. █████ : Understand you did sign that you would take place in the test.

D-1322: I… (SCP-XXX appears to mellow the holder, this seems to be noticed in all test subjects, as to when it starts appears random.)

Dr. █████ : ███████?

D-1322: Sure, I guess, what the hell… (Twelve ((12)) minutes pass of silence)

Dr. █████ : How is the book?

D-1322: It was…good…then, starting to bother me…its…

Dr. █████ : ███████?

D-1322: I…it's…great…

Dr. █████ : Did you reach Chapter 3?

D-1322: Half..way through it…

Dr. █████ : Then stop please.

D-1322: ████ you.

Dr. █████ :[DATA EXPUNGED]

<End Log>*

Closing Statement: Subject D-1322 when the book was removed from him, attempted to eat staff, killing █ before 1█ shots were discharged into his body. As to if this was an effect of the book or D-1322 attempting to escape is unknown. Lower speech functions could not be explained on autopsy, assumed psychological, as to if the effect is permanent is unknown, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Interviewed: Dr. █████

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: In order to move things forward Dr. █████ and Agent ██████ attempted to act on their own, Dr. █████ being Male, Hispanic, 6'1, 210 pounds, and 42 years of age, no known criminal record exist. As to why Dr. █████ acted rashly is assumed to be the effects of SCP-XXX, if it had anything to do with him viewing the blank page or the amount of time spent around the book is currently unknown.

<Begin Log, T03>

Agent ██████: We are going to have to rush this, I don't know how long till someone finds out we're doing this.

Dr. █████: I am a fast reader. (five minutes) I…have wondered about this but…this is.

Agent ██████: Time limit Doc.

Dr. █████: (two minutes) I…know (lower speech functions appear to coincide with chapter 3, as to how he reached it that fast imply chapters are shorter or longer depending on the person, or as he said, he is a "Fast Reader".)

Agent ██████: Anything?

Dr. █████: T-t-t..too good… (3 minutes pass before he speaks) I-I-I-I…wish..I was…there….

<End Log>*

Closing Statement: Agent ██████ is to be [DATA EXPUNGED] pending investigation, Dr. █████'s body was found dead and already rotten as if left alone for a week, most of the skin starting to slip off his bones, past deaths confirmed to be the fault of SCP-XXX.

Further study of the SCP-XXX pending declassification to level 2.

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