The Purveyor of Efficiency

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is kept in its industrial fan housing, hard-wired to the ventilation system of a room 34 m x 76 m x 15 m. This area is accessible through a single industrial double-door airlock outfitted for Class 2 incineration decontamination procedures. Within the containment area is a collective use shower and kitchen, as well as six temporary structures used for individual privacy.

There are no less than six D-class personnel (hereto referred to as subjects) within the containment area. Each subject is fitted with remote triggered sub-dermal kill tags and surgically sterilized. As group interaction plays a role in the subjects improved performance, sexual functions are to remain intact unless stated otherwise by Dr. [REDACTED]. Dr. [REDACTED] is given authority to override the one month termination limit for Class D personnel within containment. At no time will personnel enter the containment area without ensuring that the subjects are sedated and secured. Any subject observed tampering with the contamination zone, the fan housing SCP-XXX, or secured electronics is to be terminated immediately.

Should a subject begin to show signs of retirement (see Description), a replacement is to be obtained, processed, and introduced into the containment area. The ‘retiree’ is to be terminated upon successful training of the replacement. The remains are to be incinerated on site.

Description: SCP-XXX consists of a fleshy mass approximately .91kg in weight, occupying space within a unknown brand of portable industrial fan. Investigation via vivisection of progeny (see incident FG-02) reveals basic respiratory, vascular, and nervous systems encased in a keratin shell. This outer shell continuously sheds cells , which possess the ability to fuse with hosts through unknown means. There is no sign of a digestive or energy rendering system. This is at odds with evidence, as SCP-XXX shows signs of what can only be described as malnutrition when not in the presence of at least six infected subjects.

Approximately one month after successful exposure, subjects exhibit the following changes/conditions):

• A new endorphin-release trigger associated with behaviors congruent with the successful completion of a worthy goal. This includes, but is not limited to, improved group dynamics and increased work enjoyment.
• A growing addiction to achieving a given goal. Subjects removed from containment become increasingly unstable, forgoing food, sleep, and other basic necessities in order to ‘get the job done’. Being both within a group similarly infected people and in close proximity of SCP-XXX seems to curtail this to a large degree.
• Heightened mental and physical capabilities. This includes imagination, ingenuity, endurance, and strength. While these increases do not approach super-human levels, they far exceed a specific subject’s expected capabilities.

Testing has found that subjects must be exposed to massive amounts of these cells in a relatively short amount of time. To date, only humans have shown signs of infection.

The changes induced take their toll over time. Subjects begin to show signs of chronic distress within fifteen years of exposure, at which time the subject is considered ready to ‘retire’ by the group. Massive systems failure has resulted no later than five years after ‘retirement’ in all subjects.

Addendum: [ ]/[ ]/[ ]: Genetic analysis shows that SCP-XXX’s core DNA structure is remarkably similar to that of humans and primates in pre-fetal stages. This may be why the cells shed by SCP-XXX can integrate with human physiology as effectively as they do.

Addendum: [ ]/[ ]/[ ]: Dr [REDACTED]: Over the last [REDACTED] I have noticed an increasing pattern in the pairings created while subjects are held within containment. In short, those that seem to work well or succeed more often at a given tasks tend to find each other attractive. Is this natural selection at work, or is this another aspect of SCP-XXX's influence? I formerly request that future subjects retain their reproductive capabilities. If what I believe is happening is in fact true, we may need to consider upgrading this beast to Keter class.

Report FG-02: Until further notice, no electrical items are allowed within the containment area. Through wholly unforeseen events, we may have discovered SCP-XXX’s reproductive cycle.
During a standard systems check, Sgt. [REDACTED] informed Dr. [REDACTED] of increased levels of SCP-XXX spore found within the containment area. After incapacitating and securing all subjects, haz-mat and research teams began investigating the matter. During the decontamination of a generator used to power a nearby lathe a second creature was found. The lathe had been involved in an accident that killed Subject 23 approximately one year prior. Having no previous evidence of what infected blood could do, standard medical decontamination procedures were followed. The generator was cleaned but considered safe. Labeled SCP-XXX-1, the specimen has been sent to the lab for study.

Note from Dr. [REDACTED]: Sgt. [REDACTED], in charge of security at the time of the accident, has been reprimanded. Dr. [REDACTED], having been reprimanded repeatedly for careless behavior, has been given Class 4 amnesiacs and dealt with. It should be noted that, with his increased ingenuity and constitution, the farming cooperative maintained within containment has improved its crop yield exponentially. Resupply costs for the subjects has dropped by more than one third.

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