The Raven

SCP-XXX - The Pyramid Chambers

Item #:XXX
Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently located under the Pyramid of Khufu, near El Giza, Egypt. Item is to be kept under observation by a Foundation staff at all times. Access by non-Foundation personnel is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXX is a room located beneath the Queen's Chamber. It appears to have been a library of some sort, containing texts dating to the Predynastic period. These texts range from historical documents to occult codices. Of particular interest to Foundation archaeologists are reports of what seem to be SCP-class items. Many of these potential SCP items have yet to be identified and located. The walls of the chamber are covered in hieroglyphs not matching with those found in any other location, and are theorized to have been created for the keepers of this chamber.

SCP-XXX - The Virulent Plant

Item #*:XXX
Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is sealed in an airtight chamber at Site-19. A Double airlock and decontamination have been installed after Incident XXX-2██. All personnel leaving XXX's chamber are to be checked for traces of XXX material and spores.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a specimen of typha latifolia (common bulrush) infected with a pathogen of unknown origin. Item was recovered █/█/19██ in █████, Louisiana. Locals reported an unusual, quick-spreading plant, and after identification attempts failed, the Foundation was contacted. A team cordoned off the area, and all specimens but one of XXX were destroyed with high-grade incendiaries. The remaining item was relocated to Site 19, and put in containment.

SCP-XXX-infected plant life follows the standard life cycle of the infected plant, up to the seed phase. Infected seed matter is converted to a spore-like state, and will burst from infected seed pods with great force, dispersing XXX up to ██ meters from the source.

SCP-XXX-infected material has not been seen to engage in photosynthesis. Instead, it seems to draw nutrients directly from the soil, at a ███% efficiency rate. At present, this adaptation's method of function is unknown. XXX does not, as a result, consume CO2 or produce oxygen. In fact, SCP-XXX consumes oxygen at a rate ██ times that of a human. For this reason, XXX was upgraded to Keter-class on █/██/20██.


Item #: XXX
Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently contained at Site-██, Russian Federation. All transmission equipment is to be shielded by Faraday cages, and any outgoing signal is to be encrypted by single-use key.

Description: SCP-XXX is a radio transmitter, located in ███████, Russia. The array was completed in 1982, and began broadcasting an unidentified signal. The Soviet government soon contacted the Foundation, and a team was dispatched. The team isolated the signal source as being [REDACTED].

The signal broadcast by XXX has been designated SCP-XXX-1. This signal has been determined to originate outside normal spacetime, and is theorized to come from a parallel dimension. Messages received suggest that a catastrophic event, possibly YK-class vacuum decay, has taken place in this dimension. Transmissions have reported events in line with a Coleman-DeLuccia scenario.
Recoded Transmissions
XXX-84-001: "Researchers at ██████ have reported the discovery of an unusual spacial anomaly roughly ██ billion light-years from Terra."
XXX-97-001: "At 0500 yesterday, contact was lost with Anomaly Probe ████. Final readings confirm speculation. The Anomaly is an expanding true vacuum. Expected time until it reaches Terra is ██ years."
**XXX-0█-001: The Anomaly has reached 2003 VB12 better know as Sedna. ETA █ days.
No further transmissions were recorded.

Incident Report 741-██

Incident Report 741-██
0500: Contact reported by Sonar Array 013.
0502: Contact enters 18km Exclusion Zone. Contact declared hostile, firing solution plotted.
0504: Type 53 torpedo launched, bearing ██.█°N.
0505: Missile launch detected. Flares launched.
0506: 3K95 Kinzhal SAM engages unidentified ASM. Target destroyed.
0507: CADS-N-1 CIWS engages second unidentified ASM. Target destroyed.
0510: Multiple explosions detected. Assumed positive hit on hostile. Sounds of a submarine disintegrating detected. Hostile presumed destroyed.

Supplementary Audio Log
(0459) Sonar Operator: Everything looks good. Noting down here 'cept us and the whales.
[Alarms sound]
(0500) What the hell is that?
(0500) Watch Officer: Russians must've gotten lost.
(05000Sonar Operator: Doesn't sound like any sub I've ever heard. Raise the XO.
[Door opens. Footsteps are heard]
(0501) Executive Officer: That's…my god. What is it?
(0501) Sonar Operator: No idea. It's within a kilometer of the Zone.
(0502) Sonar Operator: Contact has breached exclusion zone.
(0502) XO: Call it in.
[XO heard speaking into radio]
(0502) XO: I want a firing solution on that bogey ASAP.
(0503) INTERCOM: All hands to battle stations!
(0503) Watch Officer: Firing solution plotted. Tubes 1 and 2 loaded.
(0504) XO: Fire!
(0505) Sonar Operator: Multiple ASM launches detected. Suggest evasive action.
(0505) XO: Break starboard, activate countermeasures.
(0505) Watch Officer: SAM launching on intercept course.
(0506) Watch Officer: Positive hit on ASM. Target destroyed. Second ASM detected.
(0507) Watch Officer: CIWS engaging.
(0507) Watch Officer: Multiple hits. Target destroyed.
(0508) Sonar Operator: Bogey still closing. Estimate 8km to torpedo impact.
(0510) Sonar Operator: Sounds like a clean hit. Bogey destroyed.

Attendum: No wreckage of the unidentified submarine was ever located. Furthermore, the acoustic profile of the vessel did not match any known propulsion system. Anomalous transients recorded during the breakup of the unknown resemble those of [REDACTED].

SCP-XXX - Prosthetic Parasite

A specimen of SCP-XXX

SCP-XXX - Parasitic Prosthetics
Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be housed in a secure containment cell at Bio-Research Area-12. All personnel entering this cell are to wear Level-4 biohazard equipment to prevent infection. No further containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-XXX resembles Cymothoa exigua, but is adapted to Homo sapiens. Upon contact, subject embeds self deeply in flesh of host. Within 48 hours, the limb nearest to the infection site will have been converted to a chitinous exoskeleton-like appendage. The exoskeletal limb is composed entirely of matter consistent with XXX. The host is capable of controlling this limb as a normal one, due to an advanced neuromuscular interface between the parasite and the host. The parasite draws nutrients from assimilated blood vessels, primarily the brachial and radial arteries in the arms, and the femoral artery in the legs.

Stage 2 of infection begins approximately 7 days after infection. Hosts report sensing an unfamiliar voice, urging them to act in a way that will result in the loss of the parasitic limb. Upon detachment from the host, the appendage acts much like a shed exoskeleton. Multiple parasites emerge from this "cocoon" and seek out the nearest host, thus continuing the cycle. In ██% of cases, the hatched parasites return to the original host. This will continue until all of the original host's limbs have been infected. Once all of a host's appendages have been infected and detached, multiple instances of XXX will burrow into the host's torso. These specimens will attach themselves to the pulmonary artery, the aorta and the carotid arteries. The host's chest will swell to ███% of its original size. At this point, between██ and ███ specimens of XXX will emerge from the host's chest cavity. Stage 3 infection has a 100% fatality rate.

SCP-XXX - Warping Ship


Item #: SCP-XXX
Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained at Site-██. No organic matter is to be allowed within 100m of SCP-XXX without Class-4 NBCR equipment. All personnel exposed without protection to SCP-XXX are to be immediately reassigned to Site-██ indefinitely. No material exposed to XXX is to be removed from Site-██.

Description: SCP-XXX is the remains of the SS █████. XXX came to the Foundation's attention in 199█ when the crew of a passing vessel reported anomalous effects on the surrounding area. Following an investigation by Foundation agents, all involved crewmembers were given Class-B amnesiacs, and XXX was put into containment.

SCP-XXX exhibits highly anomalous effects on its surroundings. Researchers at Site- ██ have termed this effect "warping". Matter within a ████m radius of XXX will begin to change in an unpredictable fashion, with the magnitude increasing at shorter distances. All types and states of matter are affected equally. The changes caused by XXX have been observed to increase exponentially with time.

The "warping" effect of SCP-XXX presents in many ways, but the most common are unusual changes in the structure and geometry of affected matter, from molecular scale to an externally visible level. Geometric changes range from simple restructuring to the creation of complex fractal patterns. Non-Euclidean structures have also been recorded, but appear to be rare. When exposed to XXX for extended periods, most matter will begin to break down on an atomic level, forming new elements.

Organic matter exposed to SCP-XXX will also undergo "warping". The effects of XXX on organic matter will not take place on a molecular scale, but will instead manifest in alterations to entire subsystems. Breakdown is limited to molecular change, and does not result in elemental formation. Effects of XXX on organic matter are not often fatal, but often highly disfiguring. For this reason, all personnel affected by XXX are to be permanently assigned to Site-██.

Test Log SCP-XXX-0925

Test 01
Test Subject: 1.5kg sample of basalt
Exposure Time: 30 minutes
Results: Sample showed 37% increase in size, with corresponding loss of density. Multiple new structures resembling branches manifest on sample. Atomic and molecular structures apparently unchanged.

Test 02
Test Subject: 1.5kg sample of limestone
Exposure Time: 60 minutes
Results: Sample showed no increase in size, but instead internal structure. Sedimentation patterns shift into a fractal pattern. Further examination revealed the sedimentation pattern to be a replica of the Mandelbrot set, accurate to ████.

Test 03
Test Subject: Live specimen of Rattus norvegicus.
Exposure Time: 60 minutes
Results: Subject deceased. Autopsy reveals extreme alteration to circulatory system and bone structure, resulting in perforation of the lungs and heart in █ locations. Subject's rib cage has contracted to 50% of its former size. Circulatory system alterations include fractal capillaries, structures resembling primitive hearts, and a projected █% increase in efficiency.


On-site nuclear warheads, while effective, draw far too much attention to the Foundation in case of a containment breach. To reduce the likelihood of use of on-site warheads, the Foundation needs alternative containment plans, each capable of being scaled to fit the Site and item classes housed there.
(Note: assume all standard containment protocols have failed and Site loss is imminent.)

Alternate solution 1 is the injection of a highly flammable gaseous mixture of 30% hydrogen sulfide (H2S), 30% oxygen (O2) , 30% methane (CH4) and 10% diethyl ether {(C2H5)2O} to the failure area. Breached area is to be sealed following standard protocols, and blast doors are to be locked in place. Once the mixture (code-named HOTHOUSE-01) has reached critical saturation levels, multiple redundant ignition devices will spark the mixture. The ensuing temperature and pressure wave should be capable of neutralizing most organic SCP items.

Solution 2 is somewhat more complicated, but virtually ensures a positive result against nearly all currently-contained items. All lockdown procedures detailed in Solution 1 are to be enacted, as well as deactivating fire-suppression systems in affected areas. Solution 2, in brief, is the rapid flooding of molten brass into the breached area, followed by rapid cryogenic cooling if possible. Any items deemed unnecessarily dangerous can be left in-place, while other specimens can be retrieved using cutting torches.

Solution 3 is the detonation of the on-site reactor or warhead. Warhead yield is to be between 1 and 50 kilotons, depending on site size and items contained within. For Biocontainement Sites, a salted Szilárd-pattern cobalt device is to be used. All sites with an integrated reactor are to initiate a controlled critical failure, resulting in an uncontrolled chain reaction. Following any occurrence of Solution 3, Overwatch HQ is to be contacted immediately, and all O5-level personnel are to be notified. Site-11 will begin a disinformation campaign, and the area surrounding the blast will be declared a quarantine zone. Foundation recovery teams are to search the remains for any active SCP items and recontain them.

SCP-XXX - The Neural Supercomputer

MRI image of SCP-XXX-█

Item #: XXX
Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept under medical observation at Bio-Research Area-12. Strict quarantine procedures are to be enacted, and no personnel are to enter SCP-XXX's cell without Level III biocontaiment equipment to prevent transmission of contaminants to SCP-XXX. All personnel entering SCP-XXX's cell are to pass through an airlock. Ventilation to this cell is to be routed through a high-volume HEPA filtration system with ultraviolet sterilization and electrostatic precipitation.

Description: All specimens of SCP-XXX, numbered SCP-XXX-1 through SCP-XXX-██ appear externally to be humanoid, ranging from 1.65m to 3.12m in height, and weighing between 35kg and 72kg. All SCP-XXX specimens display elongated limbs and varying degrees of macrocephaly. Internally, most organs of SCP-XXX are similar to those of a standard human, with the exception of the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging scans of the cranium of SCP-XXX reveal twin fluid sacs in place of the cerebral hemispheres, a form of hydranencephaly. As a result, there is no conventional brain function, and all specimens appear to be in a persistent vegetative state. All specimens of SCP-XXX lack standard human requirements, including water, food and can survive in exceedingly low concentrations of atmospheric oxygen.

Extensive testing has shown that these sacs contain a fluid of unknown origin, displaying superconductive properties. A complex matrix of neural tissue is suspended within this fluid. This matrix functions much like a human cerebellum, with communication between synapses being carried out electrically. As a result of the superconductive environment, these transmissions take place at near-C velocities, causing a ██% increase in the processing speed over a human brain.

Despite their apparent comatose state, all specimens of SCP-XXX are known to communicate with each other via magnetic field. These transmissions have been recorded by multiple high-sensitivity magnetometers. Cryptographic analysis of these recordings seems to imply [REDACTED]. All recordings sealed by O5 order as of █/██/19██.

Recovery Locations Log
SCP-XXX-1: Discovered entombed in a natural cavern beneath the Templo Mayor, Tenochtitlan. All tests show that this cavern had been sealed since the mid-14th century.
SCP-XXX-2: Recovered from a ruined tomb/temple complex in ████, Egypt.
SCP-XXX-3: Found beneath [REDACTED], north of Salisbury, UK.
SCP-XXX-4: Located in a cavern near the Yangtze River, surrounded by shamanistic markings.

<TheRaven> Basically, they lack a functioning *upper* brain. The brainstem (which controls heartbeat, breathing, etc…) is still there. Chances are some of them were found by civilians, or tribals or what-have-you, and kept alive.
<TheRaven> The recovery logs could definitely be interesting.
<TheRaven> Hell, maybe they don't even need food. Say, we find one entombed under a pyramid at Tenochtitlan, where it's been sitting since the arrival of the Conquistadors. Maybe they turn up throughout ancient cultures.

SCP-1000 Draft

Class: Euclid

An immature specimen of SCP-1000 in the Sahara Desert

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1000 is to be kept in a Level-4 Biosecure greenhouse at Site-██. All interactions with SCP-1000 are to be carried out by D-Class personnel, including feeding. Each specimen is to be fed three (3) large Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) per week. As SCP-1000 is immobile, no further containment procedures have been deemed necessary.

Description: SCP-1000 is a species of highly carnivorous tree, located primarily in high-precipitation areas between 10° north and 10° south. All known specimens range from 1 to 3 meters in height, and feature a number of vine-like tentacles used to capture prey. These tentacles are lined with a thick adhesive fluid as well as thorns of varying lengths. SCP-1000 exhibits a remarkable degree of control over these appendages, and has been known to capture small insects as well as its more common mammalian prey. In addition to this, SCP-1000 also possesses a rudimentary photosynthetic system, similar to that of cyanobacteria. However, the water required for this process is provided by prey, as SCP-1000 cannot absorb water through its root system.

When captured, prey items are drawn into a highly corrosive solution of hydrofluoric acid. This solution is contained by a structure similar to those found on Nepenthaceae (pitcher plants). Digestion is accomplished by standard enzymes and species of acidophillic bacteria. Following digestion of prey, the fluid in this structure is drawn back into the plant itself and broken down into HF and H2O. A small reserve of water is left to allow the formation of the acid once again.

SCP-1000 exhibits a highly unusual root system, consisting of a primary taproot up to 100 meters in length and capable of penetrating rock. This root is used to anchor the surface structure, and is incapable of collecting water or nutrients. Multiple smaller roots grow off the primary, spreading up to █00 meters around the original specimen. These roots will commonly rise towards the surface and become new specimens. On occasion, they have also been known to extend into caverns and subterranean burrows, where they will act in a similar manner to the surface tendrils, seeking out prey. However, the root form does not produce digestive compounds, instead draining fluids directly from prey. Strangely, these secondary roots are able to absorb water and nutrients.

SCP-1000 was first discovered in central Madagascar following a number of reports from European explorers regarding a "man-eating tree". Upon arrival, a Foundation research team discovered a number of grass dwellings inhabited by a tribe known locally as the Mkodo. Translation assets capable of translating the dialect spoken by these people told of a holy tree requiring human sacrifice. A containment force was subsequently dispatched. This team was unable to locate either the research group or the Mkodo village. However, the specimen was located, surrounded by 57 skulls. Further examination revealed these skulls as belonging to the Foundation research unit as well as an unknown racial group of Austronesian descent, thought to be the Mkodo.

SCP-XXX - Die Glocke

A surface vent for SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently contained at █████████ Mine, Lower Silesia, Poland. Due to the presence of preexisting containment structures, SCP-XXX is to remain in its present location. Inspection of these structures is to be carried out on a weekly basis by a qualified maintenance team. Structural deterioration is to be repaired if possible. Should the current containment protocols fail, the containment system has been replicated at Site-██. All personnel handling SCP-XXX-2 are to wear standard radiological hazard equipment.

Description: SCP-XXX-1 is a large bell-shaped object, approximately 3 meters in width and 5 meters in height, with an inner lining of lead plating. This object is filled with an extremely dense metallic fluid of unknown composition, hereafter referred to as SCP-XXX-2. Large quantities of this fluid have been located in the chambers surrounding SCP-XXX-1. Foundation researchers theorize that this fluid may be a previously-unidentified transuranic compound, possibly element 126. This fluid has been shown to emit high doses of radiation, increasing exponentially when exposed to an electrical field.

When activated, large quantities of electricity are fed into SCP-XXX-1 by way of a series of high-voltage power trunks. Initial power draw has been measured at up to 1.1GW. An intense electromagnetic field surrounds SCP-XXX-1 as it is activated. After approximately 5 (five) minutes of maximum draw, the polarization of the magnetic field surrounding SCP-XXX-1 changes, reflecting a change in the fluid structure of SCP-XXX-2. Specifically, a void of extreme pressure is created at the center of SCP-XXX-1. In 98% of recorded tests, this void has begun a sustained atomic fusion reaction, reaching temperatures of up to 10,000,000°C. This reaction is suspended magnetically in a vacuum space. The direction of electrical feed at this moment will change, with SCP-XXX releasing massive amounts of energy into a collection system, and venting it into the atmosphere.

In its active state, SCP-XXX is to be treated as an extreme radiation hazard, as it emits both high levels of ionizing radiation as well as a previously unknown form of electromagnetic field, hereby referred to as zeta radiation (ζ radiation). Organic tissues exposed to ζ radiation will begin crystallizing within ██ hours. ζ radiation exposure has a fatality rate of 100% within █ days. Level of radiation absorbed appears to have no effect on crystallization. As a result, no Foundation personnel are to be within 500 meters of SCP-XXX while it is active, with the exception of D-Class.

Recovery Log: SCP-XXX first came to the attention of the Foundation in 1947, following the discovery of a number of classified files by a Foundation agent implanted in the Soviet intelligence community. These files, apparently recovered following the Soviet invasion of Lower Silesia, describe the discovery of SCP-XXX.

July 14, 1944
Entered Ludwikowice at dawn. Seized munitions complex and coal mining facility. 62 bodies located in open grave near mine, all bearing German papers, no further identification. Captured multiple SS officers, including Jakob Sporrenberg. Under interrogation Sporrenberg revealed the location of a highly classified research facility within the mine. Exploration will begin first thing tomorrow.
July 15, 1944
The mine complex is massive. We've only begun to examine it. Lost two men earlier to some form of booby trap. Discovered a massive storage chamber. Walls are lined with barrels marked "525". Surrounded by warnings.
Requested assistance, NKVD unit will arrive within the week.
July 17, 1944
A full scientific team showed up today, in NKVD uniform. They have completely sealed the area, save for a dozen prisoners bought in to operate whatever they've found. Unusual colors and formations sighted in the sky, along with unusual buzzing sounds.
July 19, 1944
The scientists left today. Seemed to be fewer of them. Upon examination of the tunnel complex, it appears to have been flooded. How and why I do not know.

SCP-XXXX - Carnivorous CNS

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Item Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be housed in a standard liquid containment tank, immersed in a saline solution. Personnel are to avoid direct physical contact with SCP-XXXX with the exception of feeding staff. SCP-XXXX is to be given one (1) fresh bovine brain per week. All staff involved in feeding of SCP-XXXX are to wear Level-4 bio-protective equipment. In event of exposure to SCP-XXXX, affected personnel are to be immediately treated as instances of SCP-XXXX and subjected to standard containment protocols.

Description: SCP-XXXX closely resembles the central nervous system of a human (Homo sapiens) that has adapted to life outside the human body. Specimens currently in the possession of the Foundation measure from 1.1 meters (measured from the apex of the cerebrum to the base of the sciatic nerve) to 1.5 meters. Attached are the basic sensory structures associated with human functioning, including sensory nerve structures, eyes, and cochlea. SCP-XXXX appears to be able to interpret signals from these systems in the same way as a human subject. However, all neural structures within SCP-XXXX are capable of movement to varying extents. This movement is most noticeable while SCP-XXXX is immersed in a liquid medium.

Neural composition in SCP-XXXX appears similar to that of a human, with the exception of the neuroglia. The myelin sheathing covering the cells of SCP-XXXX is approximately 300% the thickness of that found in a healthy adult human. In addition to this, glial coatings on neurons of SCP-XXXX have been found to extend the full length of the cells, and are apparently permeable to neurotransmitter compounds. As a result, SCP-XXXX is capable of supporting itself outside the environment of a living body, although it is most comfortable in a somewhat saline water solution.

SCP-XXXX seems to feed primarily on the neurotransmitters and found within mammalian brain tissue. Consumption takes place by a process similar to osmosis, in which the neuroglia of SCP-XXXX extract and absorb certain compounds. The exact process through which this is accomplished is unknown. Regular feedings render SCP-XXXX much more docile, reducing the risk of exposure. However, it seems that SCP-XXXX is capable of survival for extended periods without feeding, and it is not known at this time whether there is actually a biological need for these chemicals.

When presented with live prey, SCP-XXXX will apparently merge with its nervous system, draining neurotransmitter agents over time, leading ultimately to death. However, when exposed to a living or recently deceased (less than 12 hours prior to exposure), SCP-XXXX will instead infiltrate the brain through the auditory canal. Upon breaching the meningeal membranes, the neural ganglia of SCP-XXXX will release a high dose of an apparently modified dopamine compound directly into the brain, in addition to an electrical impulse measured at approximately 150 millivolts. This combination has been shown to initiate basic brain activity in 9█% of cases. The nervous system of the subject will begin to modify itself into a new instance of SCP-XXXX. The neuroglia thicken, and the entire central nervous system detaches from the host body by accelerated decomposition. To date, no specimen of SCP-XXXX has been shown to posses any memories prior to becoming detached, and have a functional intelligence level equivalent to that of a lower primate.

Ideas I'm Throwing Here So I Don't Forget

  • Dulce Papers are the altered recollection of a former Foundation employee. Amnesiacs didn't take, memory distorts over time due to the public fascination regarding Area 51 and similar. Comes to believe a containment breach was actually a covert war between humans and EBEs, specifically Greys and Reptilians. Box of documents smuggled out jar memory.
  • The GOC was behind the Majestic-12 program.
  • Blue Book files were channeled to the Foundation to track possible SCP events.
  • Certain UFOs were GOC test craft, either reverse-engineered or captured from the Nazis.
  • Gloria Ramirez (Poison Woman)
  • The Foundation has rebooted human civilization. Repeatedly. The Coso artifact? It really is 500,000 years old.
  • British Columbia Highway 16. (~43 unexplained disappearances)
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