The Roleplaying Game
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not involved in a 'Campaign' SCP-XXX can be safely contained in a securely locked box at Site-19, with the exception of experiments. Dr. H__ holds the keys to the box containing SCP-XXX

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be what comprise the core set of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 books. Specifically the books comprise of the Dungeon Master's Guide(Designated XXX-1, the Player's Handbook 1(Designated XXX-2), and the Monster Manual 1(Designated XXX-3).
Reading any of the books produces no effect, and careful examination has concluded that SCPs XXX-1 to 3 are identical to the published books.

All examinations of SCP XXX have so far indicated that the components are resistant to damage capable of being inflicted by an unequipped person. This includes water and tearing damage. Further experiments with the intent of damaging SCP-XXX are currently restricted by request Dr. H__ -see Addendum XXX-1

None of the parts of SCP-XXX show any effects until all three are present and in the posession of a group intending on playing a session of Dungeons and Dragons. Character Generation does not manifest the effects, and no effects manifest unless all three books are present.

If all parts of SCP-XXX are present, then once play begins all players will immediatley slip into a state similar to a coma from which they cannot be woken.

EEG recordings of the players show despite no response to outside stimuli, the players show normal brainwaves. Chemical stimui have so far proven ineffective in all but raising player heartrate to dangerous levels.

The players can spend as few as 6 hours, and up to 9 hours in this state, at which point they wake, with no memory of anything they may have experience under the effect of SCP-XXX. All players involved feel they have played a satisfying and fun session of Dungeons and Dragons.

Players usually suffer no negative effects under the effects of SCP-XXX. However,

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