Skay-39 Sandbox : The Schrödinger Box
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The Schrödinger Box in its blue period

Item #: SCP-939

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Brightly lighted. Visual abilities not under 9.

True Containment Procedures:

Description - SCP-939: SCP-939 is a big box made of old driftwood, two point ninety meters high by two meters wide by three point two meters deep (2,90 m x 2 m x 3.2 m), weight one hundred and six kilograms, of a blue stain. The box has no cover, leaving a 2,90 m x 2 m vertical opening. Its size may vary to exactly 3% of its original measurements, following the cycle discribed in document SCP-939-A██. Its weight and color vary as well, SCP-939 becoming heavier and changing to a red shade.
The box is perfectly empty. Tests had shown that the space between the boards contains no atmosphere, no energy of any sort, and not even the usual amount of radiation found on Earth. The inside doesn’t carry light; it appears that photons are deviated when reaching the theoretical limit of the inbox, and circled this area to get at the boards, allowing watchers to see them. This technique may not be flawless, for observers unaware of this particularity often state that the phenomenon seems somehow "unrealistic". Same persons observe that the inside of the box seems to "radiate emptiness"; for some unknown reasons, people looking in the box refuse to believe that something invisible may lay inside (see log SCP-939 #5).
SCP-939 gained its nickname because of the paradox of its fonctionning : the artifact remains empty and safe as long as one person, and only one, believes it to contain something alive and sentient, and is able to verify it if at any time. To maintain this belief is the real role of the gardian in SCP-939 containment room.
Otherwise will start a "Schrödinger Generation" : the box will spontaneously fill with a hightly dangerous creature, [DATA EXPUNGED] often taken from the spirit of its last believer (as is named the guardian of the box).

A Schrödinger Generation will occur in the following situations:

  • If no believer is attached to the box. The believer must be a sentient individual strongly believing the Box to be occupied by another sentient being.
  • If more than one believer exists at a time.
  • If the believer is restrain from observing the inside of the Box by: the lights been turned off; the belief, justified or not, of the existence of a monitoring device implying that all trepassing will be punished; a direct order, particularly if assorted with threats of punishments; a physical or non physical barrier; a physical infirmity (see log SCP-939 #1).
  • If the Box is actually closed, even in a fashion unnoticeable by the believer (over restrain have to be noticed by the believer in order to generate a Schrödinger Generation).
  • If the Box is actually filled ; [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • If the Box stay unobserved by the believer for too long. Period vary from fifty (50) seconds to twelve (12) minutes, apparently depending of the believer ability to keep his thoughts focus on the Schrödinger Box during his (absence). Nervousness or great concentration abilities equally serve this purpose.

Note: The Box isn’t to be filled with anything for any reason but scientific purpose, and isn’t to contain anything for more than 45 seconds. The Box is usually able to empty itself by its own means, but such a thing to become necessary must be prevented. Destruction of the Box is authorized if it proves unable to empty itself. Killing the current believer will not help. - O5-██

144 Schrödinger Generation had been observed since the Schrödinger Box was locked in the Foundation, 8 accidental, 136 for scientific purpose only.

  • A [REDACTED] The creature was unknown to all believers surviving its appearance. The creature, recorded as SCB-939-2, is suspected to be ether the manifestation of a common fear encrypted in human DNA, or the real form of the occupant of the Box. Third possibility seems like the more (probable).

The beast had been ironically named “The Schrödinger Cat”.

Observations have proved that if suggested an appearance to the believer for SCP-939, the Schrödinger Generation most often endow SCP-939-1 with skills or abilities from the suggested appearance, as long as said suggestion is scary or otherwise deadly (see log SCP-939 #████), rendering it unpredictable and more dangerous. The suggestion of an appearance for SCP-939 also dramatically increases the risk for a Schrödinger event, and is, consequently, to be prohibited.

The revelation to the first believer of the emptiness of the Schrödinger Box, (appuyée) by a real-time video of its inside, result in the first signs of a Schrödinger Generation.

NOTE TO L3 CLEARANCE: Predictably considering the very particular setting of the containment procedures, rumors had began to spread through Site ██ that SCP-939 isn’t a real SCP artifact, but a test to evaluate the personnel propension to obedience (as a matter of fact, the observation of SCP-939’s believers are used to conduct such side-experiments). It is absolutely essential to defuse those rumors, for all seed of doubt in the believers mind would result in a Schrödinger Generation. Recording of a true rupture of containment should be release, tough not show to the believer (knowledge of a potential form of SCP-939 had proved to weakened the efficiency of the concealment). Considering SCP-939 #████)

Description - SCP-939-2: The Schrödinger Cat

Addendum 939-E: Although complete Schrödinger Generations can prove deadly and present great risks of rupture of concealment, the event takes several minutes to reach its critical point if not for a direct observance of SCP-939 emptiness. The first signs of a Schrödinger Generation are hard to miss: the inside of the box appeared to increase in size, flickers of blue-grey light slowly grow in the corners, the inner wooden boards begin to change to show engraved bones-like or insect-like shapes, and sensors ████-█ to ████-█ begin to detect [REDACTED]. Considering how deliberate experiments decrease the risk for a future incident, the dangers are considered acceptable.

WARNING: Considering the effect of all restriction for the believer to look inside the Box without fearing any punishment – such as witnesses – the experiments must be conduct quickly, and interrupt at the first signs of a Schrödinger Generation.

Log SCP-939 #1:
Researchers: Dr. Kay and Agent ██████
Details: The use of a blind person as a believer provokes the first signs of a Schrödinger event. The event was temporary delayed, but not interrupted, by the believer been authorized to touch the Box to acknowledge its existence.

Log SCP-939 #5:
Researchers: Dr. Kay

<Begin Log, skip to 00h-01m-25s>

Dr. Kay: Did you notice anything while looking into the box ?

Agent River: Well no, sir. It was empty.

Dr. Kay: You didn't spot any movement, any irregularity into the wood's texture ?

Agent River: Well I said it, it didn't seems right, something was strange-

Dr. Kay: Yes, we already talked about that. I'm asking if you noticed the thing into the box.

Agent River: (Destabilized) There was nothing inside, sir.

Dr. Kay: SCP-347 was inside.

Agent River: I don't think so, sir.

Dr. Kay: She's invisible, agent. How do you know she wasn't there ?

Agent River: (Unconfortable) I… don't know. Would have heard her.

Dr. Kay: Would you ?

Agent River: (Unconfortable) I don't know. I just… It was empty. It was obviously empty. I can't believe it was something else than empty.

Dr. Kay: (Dryly) I tell you SCP-347 was there.

Agent River: (After a long silence) Then, sir, this thing is messing with my brains.

<End Log>


SCP-939 #7-27:
Researchers: Dr. Kay, Agent ██████, River and ████████, Pr. T., [REDACTED]
Details: This series of tests ask for a great number of believers. The procedure between each experiment is those of a standard believer replacement.
Believers have been unsuccessfully told the occupant of SCB-939 to be:

  • One or several non-sentient creature(s)
  • A brain-dead human being
  • A piece of rock
  • A plant
  • A dangerous unliving artifact
  • A sentient unliving artifact
  • A sentient unliving artifact describes as a sentient human statue unable to move
  • A sentient machine
  • A non-corporeal sentient creature
  • An invisible human being
  • A ghost
  • And so on.

Believers have been successfully told the occupant of SCB-939 to be:

  • A human being
  • A sentient non-human creature
  • A sentient human statue able to move
  • A sentient plant
  • And so on.

Conclusion: The believer apparently has to think the occupant of SCB-939 to be alive and sentient. Otherwise will occurred a Schrödinger Generation.

SCP-939 #29:
Researchers: Dr. Kay and Agent ██████
Details:For this experiment, a metal encasement is constructed to hide the Schrödinger Box, leaving the open side of the Box uncovered. The believer, temporally taken away from the Box – through asked about it, to ensure that his attention stay focus on the artifact – his then reintroduce into the room and spot the metal encasement, resulting in the imediat first signs of a Schrödinger Generation. The reaction stop when the believer is genualy informed that the encasement did not cover the open side of the Box, leaving intact the possibility for him to look inside. This information did not please the believer, understandably relieved by the perspective of the supposed occupant of SCP-939 to be physically restrained.

A second D-class personnel, outside the room, is then informed that the Box contained a monstrous creature those face isn’t to be seen at any point, resulting in the monster to be unable to leave the Box has long has someone is present in the room. He is also informed that staring directly at the creature will kill him in an horrible fashion. Has in Experiment SCP-939-a, the existence of this second believer provokes no reaction from the Box. The second believer is then prompted in the room.

The introduction of the second believer did not provoke any reaction from the Box. The termination of the first believer result in the first signs of a Schrödinger Generation, confirming that the second believer’s convictions have no impact has long has he didn’t actually see the Box. When first signs of the Schrödinger reaction detected, the automatic detonation of three (3) explosive devices disassemble the metal covering, interrupting the Generation as soon as the second (and now only) believer spot directly the Schrödinger Box.

Same experiment conducted with the second believer been shown pictures and videos of SCP-939 (taken for this purpose only and destruct afterward) before his introduction into the room end with the same results.

Conclusion: The Schrödinger Box has to be acknowledged at least one time under its real appearance in order for the believer’s convictions to be effective. This information could prove very useful for SCP-939’s concealment. It is recommended for at least three (3) individuals to be kept in a room next to SCP-939’s concealment area at all times; those individuals would have been told the usual story about SCP-939’s nature, and could be introduce, one at the time only, in the concealment area through a windowless safety lock in case of failure from the current believer. Schrödinger events should be easy to interrupt this way, rendering further experiments considerably safer.

SCP-939 #02548:
Researchers: Dr. ███ and Pr. ██████
Details:The next step is to observe the form of the Gen and see how it’s influenced by a child’s mind. [DATA EXPUNGED]
Note: No child is to be taken nearest than sixty meters from the Schrödinger Box ever. No one younger than fifteen years old is to see it or even to be told about it. Poor imagination is required for all next believers.

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