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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX - 01 is to be kept in a steel confinement at all times. If at anytime the subject has to be transferred to a new location, all personnel assigned at the current time are to use the designated rod to contain her arms. While the SCP Foundation would like to treat our confined guest with civil treatment at the current time due to ongoing possible negotiations with SCP-XXX-01, it is strongly recommended another staff member watch the subject with a prepared tranquilizer round due to the subject's strength and mobility. Feeding is to be done in the customary breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule, however slight safety precautions are in order to keep risk for staff infection down. First, the raw meat is to be placed in the metal tray assigned to SCP-XXXX-01. Next, the top to the tray is simply to be closed, and the tray is to be placed on the ground adjacent to the sliding panel at the bottom of the cell door. The sliding panel is to be held up by one staff member, as another takes a hooked metal rod, and pushes the tray through the slot, keeping skin away from the panel at all times. When the subject removes the meat from the tray, simply pull the tray back with the hook, dropping the panel. If at anytime, SCP-XXXX-01 comes into contact with any personnel at anytime, it is to be reported instantly. If the encounter breaks the skin in any way, no matter how minor, the personnel is to be immediately transferred into the infection wing, and kept under close examination.

Because of the nature of SCP-XXX, the following are criteria for taking care of SCP-XXXX-01:

A) A female.
B) A male with no sexual ability.

Because of the difficulty in finding Class D Workers who match category A, The SCP Foundation has found it within proper need to begin mass castration of workers in order to keep this subject within its confinement.

Description: SCP-XXXX's true form is still unknown. To the human eyes, it appears SCP-XXXX is a virus. However, upon further analysis, it is quite clear SCP-xxxx is a sentient lifeform that exists in mass numbers, each with a hive like mind, but also with differently variations in personality (See below.)

It is unknown where the earthly invasion of this SCP began, but records regarding the body of the current subject in SCP custody reveals an age of 38 years old. However, from interrogations, the subject has alluded to being hundreds, if not thousands of years old. To the common eye, it would appear individuals affected by SCP-XXXX are simply females with personality quirks due to interaction being jilted by differing ways of communication due to newer SCP-XXXX creations not being adjusted to common human interaction. The keys to understanding that one is dealing with SCP-XXXX are:

  • The eyes contain darkened veins, creating almost a jigsaw on the edges of the eyeball
  • Monotone speech patterns, as if the person is struggling to find a proper rhythm in speaking
  • The lips are of a dark pigmentation, similar to a birthmark, however the pigmentation spreads throughout the lips, almost in small spots.

SCP's infestation resembles a reverse impregnation in some ways. The SCP begins its current reproductive cycle by finding a suitable male. What determines this is still unknown, however it would appear that intellect is a key factor, with regards to Dr. █ █ █ █ █ █ .

After it has chosen its host, the SCP emits a pheromone that draws all males within a 20 foot radius to it, ignoring all who come to it that are not the future host. After the host has made contact, the SCP takes the male for breeding. Due to the fact that breeding is almost no different then human mating, this can happen anywhere at anytime. During the act of intercourse, the SCP releases tiny seeds from its saliva. It is because of this that the SCP always begins with what appears to be oral sex on the male host. As the seeds reach the top of the male penis, the seeds, dissolve into the male urethra and begin the fertilization process.

After this happens, the female immediately stands up, and walks away from the male, leaving him where he rests.
In the following 24 hours, the male begins to experience the following symptoms:

  • A rash like sensation around his pelvic region
  • New, darkish veins traveling up the penile shaft
  • Trouble urinating, as if something is blocking the pathway
  • Skin begins to slowly weaken, as if it is rotting

This continues until the next time the male procreates. This is when the reproduction meets its end. During procreation, the male begins to experience a sharp pain in his lower regions, as if something is breaking through his skin. It is here that the tissue that has rotten causes a break, leaving the infection within the female. Due to the combination of the male and female DNA that has been mixed, the infection expands in an alarming rate, as the female victim is slowly possessed by the now dissolving former male genitalia, by the infant specimens. The process takes one hour, depending on the size and health of the female. After the process has completed, the newly created SCP-XXXX Female takes on a new personality, and begins their life span by consuming the male body that has now died from blood loss.

  • Within the next three days, the body undergoes a metamorphosis:
  • The finger nails begin to produce an acidic liquid that, when is met with human flesh, causes the tissue to rot first at the cut, and then proceeding throughout the rest of the body.
  • The eyes of the body slowly develop darker veins through out the white of the eyes, seemingly due to the poisons that are being created by the SCP Infection
  • The saliva begins to create new seeds, to continue the cycle and create more of SCP.
  • The body's strength augments considerably, due to what appears to be excess amounts of adrenaline being produced by the SCP. Due to this, speed is also increased due to never ending stamina.

As noted above, each new SCP is both a hive mind and independent. While they live to increase their numbers(claiming it is for their "queen") , each has their own likes and dislikes about humanity, differing tastes in meat, sense of humor, and even intelligence. For instance, SCP-XXXX-01 has been noted to thoroughly enjoy the works of Michael Crichton and the musical styling of the musical group "White Zombie". It is theorized that whatever tastes in life the original female had, the current infestation of the body acquires the same likes and dislikes.

The Subject in SCP Custody at the current time is also noted at being very intellectual and independent of the hive(So far as to actually point out the hypocritical nature of SCP-XXXX's methods of takeover in regards to religious warfare in the current geopolitical climate), but current attempts to convince the SCP to aid in finding a peace treaty with the SCP Race, or even working for SCP in hopes to stopping the extermination of humanity has been met with naught.


As of now, under current orders, all experimentation with saliva seeds is to be stopped. After Lab Incident 4 involving them, it has come to the foundation's attention that people cannot distinguish between lunch and experimental material in the laboratory refrigerator

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