The Shadow Insurgent

This is a draft for my first SCP, would appreciate any and all feedback be it good or bad :D

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is contained in a 5.5 meters by 5.5 meters by 5.5 meters solid concrete room with two meter thick walls and a 10 centimeter thick cast iron door, this door is to be guarded by two armed personnel cleared above level 3 at all times. The room is to be kept unlit, but light levels must be gradually raised to higher the 1500 lux when subject is being examined. Researchers are not permitted to use flash photography to catalogue SPC-XXX. If any personnel are wounded by SCP-XXX they are to be immediately sedated and their memory wiped. If wounds then prove non-fatal then the person(s) are to be treated accordingly and given six months mandatory unpaid leave. The victim(s) are prohibited to be within 25 meters of SCP-XXX's enclosure to prevent reminding them of the encounter.

Description: SCP-XXX is a humanoid figure approximately 2.1 meters tall. SCP-XXX is composed of a shadowy, smoke like substance. The subject appears to be wearing clothing that appears to be of middle eastern origin, but is also made entirely of a shadow-like substance. This substance appears darker than that of SCP-XXX's body, and it is unknown if they are made of the same material.
Prolonged exposure to light may cause SPC-XXX serious mental or physical trauma. if the subject is exposed to light levels exceeding 1500 lux it becomes passive, and will not engage any humans unless they get too close to it. Although if left in these light levels for longer than two minutes SCP-XXX will begin making a loud screeching noise, and become increasingly distressed until [REDACTED]. Bright flashes of light have the same effect.
No attempt to examine the anatomy of SCP-XXX has been successful, as if any human comes within 2.5 meters of SCP-XXX [DATA EXPUNGED]. Afterwards the person who came into contact with SCP-XXX will emerge either fatally wounded, or will go into an unresponsive state when asked to recall what happened. The victim can be coaxed out of this unresponsive state, but only by an experienced phsychologist, and any mention of the exposure to SCP-XXX will cause them to return to their unresponsive state. It is believed this unresponsive state is due to severe mental trauma during the encounter.

SCP-XXX was first discovered when a Squadron of four US Marines, ███ ███████, █████ ████, ████ ██████, and ██████ ███████ were deployed into the town of [REDACTED] in Afghanistan, on a midnight covert operation to eliminate all members of an Insurgent group at an unnamed compound just outside the town. Upon arrival the squad contacted command explaining that all Insurgent forces had been killed, and the bodies had been [REDACTED] before they had arrived. Private █████ ████ was the only survivor of the mission, he reported to his commanding officer that the other members of his squad had been [REDACTED] by an unkown entity. The commanding officer contacted Foundation personnel. Pvt ████ was interviewed by Dr. █████ (see SCP-XXX-1) and later died after foundation personnel were unable to coax him out of his trance. A team of four agents were sent to recover SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX was recovered with only one casualty, Agent ██████. ██████ was also questioned and he described being able to hear voices (presumed those of Pvt ████'s squadmates.) After revealing this, ██████ became unresponsive, and after being coaxed out of his trance, his wounds proved fatal. It is unknown whether the voices are the cause of the trance. When asked to explain what happened to Agent ██████, all other members of the team fell unresponsive. Each member was coaxed out of the trance and their memory wiped.

All non-foundation personnel who have been in contact with SPC-XXX and Pvt ████ and any one of his squadmates since the helicopter touched down in [REDACTED], including military personnel who spoke with Pvt ████, have been terminated. family members have been informed that they were killed in an accident on-base.

Research to see if SCP-XXX is related to SCP-017 in any way have proved unsuccessful due to [DATA EXPUNGED]


18:45 ██/██/██ Dr. █████: Please recall the events of your encounter with SCP-XXX

18:45 ██/██/██ Pvt. ████: It… It just [REDACTED] …It was so fast… They were gone in seconds…

18:46 ██/██/██ Dr. █████: Please describe SCP-XXX

18:47 ██/██/██ Pvt. ████: It looked like… one of the insurgents… But like a shadow, you get me? So fast…

Pvt. ████ then falls unresponsive. No Foundation personnel are able to coax him out of his trance. The private later dies from a combination of malnourishment and his wounds.

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