The Shovel
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The current state of SCP-1264

Item #: SCP-1264

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1264 is to be stored in a 1/2 meter by 1/2 meter by 1.7 meter steel safe. Containment is currently housed within Sector-19. At no time may any personnel open the safe without consent from 1 member of level 3 security clearance. The containment safe of SCP-1264 must additionally be routinely inspected monthly to ensure that the spread of rust is kept at a minimal degree.

Description: SCP-1264 is a square shovel that is approximately 1.5 meters in length from blade to handle The blade is composed of iron while the handle is from some type of maple. The shovel was secured by the foundation in [DATA EXPUNGED] in █/█/19██. Large portions of the blade appear to have been rusted over. Initial analysis displays that there are trace amounts of human blood present on the blade of the shovel. If SCP-1264 is used on any solid ground surface that can be breached by a shovel,the blade will stop 3/4 of the way through the ground and become obstructed by a hard surface.

Upon further investigation,it is evident that no matter where one digs with the shovel,the tool will strike human remains just below the shovel's point of entry, regardless of what was beneath the surface prior to digging.The material that is dug into is irrelevant so long as it is possible to dig in that location. It is currently unknown where these remains come from or how they are placed below the surface.

Test results have shown that the time the corpses have been deceased range as recent as █ days,to ██ months. In several instances,bodies that have been [DATA EXPUNGED] have been reported to be found using SCP-1264. When first obtained by The Foundation,there was little rust on the blade,and the bodies being discovered were only recently dead and commonly in "good" condition.

However,as the spread of rust continued,the bodies being found were becoming horribly mutilated and unbearable,to the extent that research has been discontinued for the artifact.

Addendum 1:
Rust level: Low.
Gender/Age: Female,19.
Time since death: 3 days.
Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest.
Description: Female body appears to contain no anomalies. When found, the body was in standard burial position as if in a coffin,despite the lack of presence of one.

Addendum 2:
Rust level: Moderate.
Gender/Age: Male,46.
Time since death: 24 days.
Cause of Death: Fatality involving motor accident.
Description: Male body is beginning to decay. Bruises and fractures are evident in the chest cavity and torso. Body is positioned as if in distress and enormous pain.

Addendum 3:
Rust level: High.
Gender/Age: Female,29.
Time since death: █ weeks.
Cause of Death: Blunt Trauma to head.
Description: Body appears to have suffered a blow on the back of the cranium. Body is substantially disfigured and mutilated. Analysis of the skull shows minute traces of rust on the point of impact. The Position of the body when found is inconsistent to proper burial procedures and appears to have been put in the position by an outside force.

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